TUF 7: Quarterfinal Matchups Set

Things pick up right where they left off on this week’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rampage vs Team Forrest.

A recap of Cale Yarbrough’s controversial win over Patrick Schultz is shown. Forrest Griffin is shown storming back towards the locker rooms, followed by loud noises of things being thrown around. When the cameras catch up, it shows that Griffin has destroyed one of the rooms and even kicked a hole in the door.

Griffin says that fighting is the “getting mad” business. UFC President Dana White claims that it’s the first time that anyone has damaged the training center and not the house.

“In the history of “The Ultimate Fighter”, nobody’s ever hurt the gym… until now,” White said.

Griffin’s rage was ultimately caused by Schultz’s side-comment after the fight, telling Forrest that he can’t wait until he fights Rampage. Schultz apologizes for the remark shortly after, realizing the damage that he caused.

The focus shifts to a training session. While Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is sitting in the cage with C.B. Dollaway, who will fight Nick Klein in the final first-round fight later in the show, Griffin decides to take a Spiderman-like net gun and shoot it at Rampage, who is pinned to the fencing by the webbing. Rampage laughs it off and plots his revenge, which comes in the form of a Super Soaker later on in the episode.

Leading up to the fight, Klein believes that he is the weakest link in the house and doesn’t stand much of a chance against Dollaway, whom many have crowned the favorite to win the competition. Some disagree. Griffin believes that Klein can win on the feet. Luke Zachrich thinks that Dollaway may be overlooking Klein.

“If he can really work that scramble and get back on his feet, then he’ll have some good chances to win in the exchanges,” Griffin said.

However Dana White believes that Dollaway will be too much for Klein to handle. An impromptu grappling session where Dollaway submits Jackson shows that the big man may be correct in his assumption.

Both fighters successfully weigh-in for the fight. Here we go.

C.B. Dollaway vs. Nick Klein

Round 1: Klein immediately shoots in for a takedown but gets caught in a Dollaway guillotine. Dollaway gets on top of Klein to increase pressure but Klein finds his way out of the hold. Dollaway pounds away while Klein works for a kneebar. Klein rolls for a kimura but comes up empty. Dollaway continues to work some ground-and-pound. Klein goes for an armbar but Dollaway quickly pulls out of it. Dollaway continues to punish Klein with a mix of strikes until the end of the round, when Klein locks in a late armbar as time expires. 10-9 Dollaway.

Round 2: Dollaway scores early and often with leg kicks. Klein throws a jab, clinches, and pulls Dollaway down to the mat. Dollaway pins Klein up against the cage before forcing him towards the center of the canvas. Klein looks for an armbar but is unable to secure it. Dollaway continue to control and land strikes. Klein rolls for a kneebar but gets caught in a guillotine while trying to pull guard. Dollaway squeezes and Klein taps out.

Winner: C.B. Dollaway - Submission (Guillotine)

The fighters goes back into the house after the fight. Cale Yarborough starts poking fun of Matthew Riddle and Dollaway for the glasses they are wearing. Dollaway decides that he’s sick of Cale’s constant wise-cracks and wants to fight him, going as far as telling White and the coaches that during the quarterfinals selection process, which takes place at the training center shortly after Forrest lets Amir Sadollah shave his head, complete with MC Hammer lines on the side.

The quarterfinal matchups in order of how they will take place:

Jesse Taylor vs. Dante Rivera (next week)
Amir Sadollah vs. Matt Brown
Daniel Cramer vs. Tim Credeur
C.B. Dollaway vs. Cale Yarbrough


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