TUF 7: Bradley Leaves, Taylor Submits Dolce

The third episode of the current seventh season of “The Ultimate Fighter” started off with a recap of last week as always and then quickly dove into the show itself. The fighters moved into the house for the first time, which has a few noticeable differences compared to past seasons.

Then it was time to select teams. Rampage won the coin toss and opted to pick the first fighter instead of the first fight, which went to Forrest. Rampage picked HDNet Fights veteran C.B. Dollaway with his first pick.

The teams break like down like this:

Team Rampage: Mike Dolce, Daniel Cramer, C.B. Dollaway, Paul Bradley, Matthew Riddler, Gerald Harris, Jeremy May, Brandon Sene
Team Forrest: Tim Credeur, Amir Sadollah, Jesse Taylor, Matt Brown, Cale Yarbrough, Dante Rivera, Nick Klein, Luke Zachrich

The coaches break down like so:

Team Rampage: Zack Light, Juanito Ibarra
Team Forrest: Cameron Diffley, Mark Beecher, Gray Maynard

While the coaches are talking to the fighters, Rampage notices that Paul Bradley has some sort of rash on his neck. Bradley is sent to the doctor where it’s found that the rash he has on his neck develops when he is stressed out but is also contagious and can be spread to the fighters while training with them.

Bradley is relegated to running on the treadmill and hitting the pads with Juanito until Dana White and company come up with an idea of what to do with Bradley. Unfortunately for him, it doesn’t take very long and White tells Bradley that he has no other choice, personally and legally, but to send Bradley home.

Rampage and his assistants select Patrick Schultz to come back. White doesn’t think that Schultz was the strongest pick they could have made. Some of the other fighters criticize the choice as well because of Schultz’s submission loss to Luke Zachrich, who they feel is the weakest fighter on Team Forrest.

The first fight is selected: Mike Dolce vs. Jesse Taylor. Dolce is a former tax assessor and currently trains with Matt Lindland and Chael Sonnen at Team Quest’s Oregon branch. Forrest has been impressed with Taylor so far and compares his skills to those of Matt Hamill.

The night before the fight rolls around and Rampage heads over to the fighters house to make sure Dolce is ready for the fight and to provide some much-needed entertainment inside of a house that can become quite boring. It’s where Rampage provides his quote of the episode:

“I think I’m probably one of the coolest people on planet earth,” he says. “I’m nonchalant. I can get along with anybody. I could be friends with anybody. Guy, girl, dog, alien - if they don’t try to eat me, I can be friends with them.”

Time for the fight.

Mike Dolce vs Jesse Taylor

Round 1: They clinch right away. Taylor takes Dolce down and quickly takes his back. He fights for a choke but can’t get it. They scramble but Taylor takes Dolce’s back once again. Dolce reverses and gets on top. Dolce works some ground and pound until another scramble. Taylor takes Dolce’s back for a third time but then transitions to top position where he controls his opponent until the end of the round. 10-9 Taylor.

Round 2: Taylor takes Dolce down right away. Taylor passes Dolce’s guard and achieves mount. He works some relentless ground and pound until Dolce gives up his back. Taylor then sinks in a modified rear naked choke while Dolce rolls to the side. Dolce decides to nap instead of tap and referee Herb Dean moves in to stop the bout.

Winner: Jesse Taylor


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