TUF 7: Bad Blood Boiling

Things got right down to business during this week’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rampage vs Team Forrest. The first fight announcement came just seconds into the show as Quinton “Rampage” Jackson announces that one of his personal favorites on his team, Gerald Harris, will meet Forrest Griffin’s Amir Sadollah in one of the last remaining quarterfinals bouts.

Profile pieces on both Harris and Sadollah. Rampage harps on Harris’ impressive takedowns and slams, reminding him of himself. Sadollah isn’t very confident. He’s yet to have a professional fight under his belt.

Both fighters successfully weigh-in. Forrest tells Sadollah that will shave half of his head if he wins, attempting to instill some confidence as his fighter will be going up against a much-more talented wrestler than he. Fight time already.

Gerald Harris vs Amir Sadollah

Round 1: Harris scores an early takedown. Sadollah does a good job of preventing Harris from inflicting much damage while on the ground. Gerald postures up and lands a hard, diving right but the force of the punch allows Amir to stand back up. However Gerald quickly picks Amir up and slams him down hard on the mat. Amir pushes Gerald off of him but Gerald quickly pounces on his opponent. Once again, Amir gets up and gets taken back down. Amir stands up again and is then able to stay standing up, clinching against the cage with Gerald until the end of the round. 10-9 Harris.

Round 2: Amir lands a pair of heavy leg kicks to start the round. Gerald catches Amir’s third attempt and then drops him with a right. Gerald pounces and lands an elbow but Amir stands back up and connects with a heavy knee. Amir stuffs a takedown and winds up on top of Gerald but Harris quickly reverses position. Amir stands up and lands a knee in the clinch that sends Gerald crumpling to the canvas. Amir jumps on Gerald and throws several unanswered shots before the referee steps in and waves off the bout. Gerald claims that he wasn’t out but it doesn’t matter since he failed to respond.

Winner: Amir Sadollah - TKO (Strikes)

The next fight announcement is made: Patrick Schultz vs Cale Yarbrough. Rampage jokes around with Cale, attempting to get any kind of information from him about what kind of fighter he is. Fighters from both teams immediately begin ragging on Schultz for his one-dimensional skill-set and non-existent ground game. Rampage says that Schultz may be flying under the radar due to the constant private grappling lessons he’s been receiving. Both fighters make weight. Let’s go.

Patrick Schultz vs Cale Yarbrough

Round 1: Exciting round that started out looking like Griffin-Bonnar I but eventually degenerated into pure sloppyness. Schultz catches a kick from Cale early and tosses him off-balance and to the ground. Cale gets up and they start trading heavy leather as expected. Schultz starts to land his right hand, eventually dropping Cale. Cale recovers and gets back up. Right back to both fighters throwing bombs. Schultz punches are telegraphed but he continues to out-land Cale. Cale then shoots in for a takedown. Very little offense from Cale. They stand up but Cale takes Schultz down again and holds him there until the end of the round. 10-10.

Round 2: They trade on the feet once again to start the second. Schultz is obviously fatigued and it shows in the form of his sloppy punches. Cale scores another takedown and the fight remains on the mat until the end. He doesn’t really start to mount any offense until about the 2:50 mark of the round. Pleads for him to mount Schultz are heard but are not taken literally by Cale, who could have easily finished the fight at any point but fails to do so. Cale pounds out Schultz until the final horn. 10-8 Cale.

Winner: Cale Yarbrough - Majority Decision

Both Rampage and Forrest thought that the fight should have gone to a third round. Rampage says that Cale was knocked down twice. Forrest reminds him it was only once. Schultz tells Forrest that he can’t wait until he fights Rampage. Forrest grins. Rampage loses it and tells Forrest that the fight won’t be going to a decision when they fight. Forrest goes into the back and loses it as well. Should be a good show next week.


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