TUF 5 Finale Live Blog

Tonight we will be going live at 9 PM EST, covering The Ultimate Fighter 5 Finale with one of our patented live blogs. Be sure to leave some comments throughout the night…

TUF 5 Finale

Main Card:

BJ Penn vs. Jens Pulver
Manny Gamburyan vs. Nate Diaz
Roger Huerta vs. Doug Evans
Thales Leites vs. Floyd Sword

Preliminary Bouts:

Joe Lauzon vs. Brandon Melendez
Gray Maynard vs. Robert Emerson
Leonard Garcia vs. Allen Berube
Cole Miller vs. Andy Wang
Matt Wiman vs. Brian Geraghty

- We’re almost live, The Ultimate Fighter 5 marathon on Spike TV is just about finished.

- We’re live folks! B.J. Penn and Jens Pulver are doing the typical pre-fight interviews. Pulver states that he wants to KO B.J. since no one every has.

- Mike Goldberg graces the broadcast booth to breakdown Pulver and Penn’s previous encounter. Joe Rogan joins Goldberg and gives his insight on the fight.

- Up first is a lightweight bout featuring Roger Huerta and Doug Evans.

Roger Huerta vs. Doug Evans

- Brucie Buffer graces the microphone to introduce the lightweight combatants.

- Steve Mazzagatti the referee.

Round 1:

The fight begins with a glove touch. Excellent low kick from Evans. Both fighters throwing bombs. Huerta catches a kick and takes Evans down. They begin to scramble working for takedowns. Evans gets Huerta’s back and goes for a suplex. Unsuccessful they scramble and clinch along the cage. Good right in close from Evans. Good left knee from Evans. Both fighters throwing bombs along the cage. Both fighters exchanging bombs. Bother guys eating some hard shots. Bomb kick from Huerta. Huerta shoots in for a double. Huerta switches to a single and Evans works to stuff it. Evans reverses position and takes Huerta’s back. Evans gets the body triangle. Evans raining down shots from the top. Evans rolls to the mount and then Huerta gets out. They stand and Huerta goes to slam Evans so he goes for a guillotine. That stops the slam attempt. Short knee from Evans. Knee to the body from Evans. Hard rights from Evans. Huerta looks hurt. They clinch along the cage. Evans takes Huerta down and begins to work from Evans guard. Elbows from the bottom from Huerta. Evans ends the round with an elbow.

- I scored it 10-9 for Doug Evans.

Round 2:

The second begins with two hard rights from Huerta. Huge left look from Huerta followed by some low hard kicks. Huerta moving forward with some hard leg kicks. Another hard leg kick. They clinch and Evans secures a beautiful takedown. Evans attempts to take Huerta’s back but Huerta scrambles and pins him against the cage. Evans secures another takedown and immediately begins to work from side control. Huerta gets free and begins to work for the sweep. He gets it and begins to work from side control. Evans regains guard. Huerta postures up and lands some hard punches from the top. Huerta passes and takes Evans back. He then gets the mount and begins to fire off some hard bombs. Huerta flattens him out and begins to fire hard shots from the top. Hammerfists from Huerta. Evans not defending so Steve Mazzagatti steps in and calls a halt to the fight.

Roger Huerta - Winner TKO

- Up next is Thales Leites vs. Floyd Sword.

Thales Leites vs. Floyd Sword

Round 1:

The fight begins with a glove touch. Immediately Leites throws a good leg kick. Leites then tries a spinning back kick. Both fighters miss with rights and then Sword charges forward with a combo landing a fire. Leites tries a jumping knee and Sword catches it and works for a takedown. Pinned against the canvas Sword throws a footstomp and then Leites secures a beautiful takedown. Leites works from side control but quickly Sword regains his guard. Sword stands back up and Leites works for a takedown again. Sword stuffs the takedown attempt. Leites is then able to secure another beautiful trip. Sword quickly regains guard as Leites throws an elbow. Leites stands over Sword and throws shots to the body while avoiding the upkicks. Leites falls into Sword’s closed guard. Leites passes and takes Sword’s back. He gets in both hooks but gives it up as he transitions from the back to an arm triangle. It’s in deep and Sword is in trouble. Sword momentarily attempts to defend before tapping out.

Thales Leites - Winner Submission (Arm Triangle)

- Up next is Gray Maynard vs. Rob Emerson.

Gray Maynard vs. Rob Emerson

Round 1:

The fight begins with a glove touch. They come out swinging immediately, Emerson lands a right and then Maynard comes forward with some hard rights. Emerson lands a beautiful flying knee and then the fight hits the canvas. Emerson goes for an armbar and Maynard gains top position. Maynard attempts a big right from the top that looks to miss. Maynard tries from more ground and pound that is avoided by Emerson. They stand back up and Maynard lands a couple of knees. Maynard goes for the guillotine. He takes the fight down working for the submission. Emerson regains guard. Elbow from the bottom from Emerson. Emerson rolls for an armbar and Maynard takes the opportunity to fend it off and then pass. Maynard fires off two hard knees to the body of Emerson. Maynard mounts Emerson but moments later Emerson regains half guard. Emerson goes for a heel hook but Maynard spins out. Hard body shot from the top from Maynard. Maynard passes and moves into side control. Emerson rolls over and Maynard takes his back. Maynard landing some hard shots from Emerson’s back. He then gets the mount and continues to fire off hard shots. Emerson regains guard while taking hard shots. Maynard moves back to the mount and lands some hard shot. Emerson rolls to his back and takes some more hard shots as the round ends.

- At the end of the round Emerson is holding his ribs.

- I scored it 10-9 Gray Maynard.

Round 2:

The second begins with a glove touch. Both fighters start out cautious and then Emerson comes in with a sloppy combo. Maynard lands a beautiful left hook and then he shoots in. Maynard picks Emerson up and slams him into the canvas. Emerson is hurt and begins to tap but Maynard also knocks himself out at the same time. The replay shows that the slam hurt Emerson’s ribcage in the same area that he was holding after the first. Also the replay showed that Maynard was clearly unconscious as his head slammed off the canvas.

No Contest

- Gray Maynard very unhappy afterwards. Maynard tries to say he was not unconscious but they show Maynard the replay and it shows both guys are out. Maynard attempts to plead his case saying he wasn’t unconscious. Maynard is arguing with Rogan but the replay shows that he is clearly out.

- Rogan begins to talk to Emerson and immediately he apologizes to the fans. He says he came into the fight with a serious injury and early in the first he hurt his rib again. Emerson says he felt Maynard was unconscious.

- Up next is Joe Lauzon vs. Brandon Melendez.

Joe Lauzon vs. Brandon Melendez

Round 1:

The fight begins with a glove touch. Melendez moves forward landing a left followed by a flurry that is blocked. Melendez attempts a wild right and Lauzon shoots off of it taking the fight to the canvas. Working from the half guard Lauzon rains down some good shots from the top. Melendez answers with a couple from the bottom. Melendez using an active guard. Lauzon mounts Melendez and moments later he takes his tack and begins working for the rear naked choke. He switches to the mount and then back to Melendez’s back again. Lauzon peppering Melendez from the back. Melendez spins and gets back to his feet. Melendez lands a body kick and then the fight hits the canvas again with Melendez gaining top position. Melendez lands a right elbow. Melendez allows Lauzon to stand back up. Melendez lands a good right hand a misses with a wild uppercut. Body kick from Melendez which Lauzon catches and then he proceeds to put Melendez on the canvas. Lauzon passes and takes Melendez’s back again. Lauzon throws a few shots while up against the cage. Melendez reverses position and lands two punches from the top. Lauzon transitions for a kneebar and then a heel hook. He begins to crank and the round ends.

Round 2:

The round begins with a glove touch. Melendez looking to work his strikes but Lauzon doing an excellent job of covering up. Lauzon shoots in and secures a beautiful double. Lauzon passes and gains the mount. Melendez rolls and Lauzon takes his back. After softening Melendez up he goes for the choke and Melendez is able to reverse him. As he does Lauzon locks on a triangle. Melendez is forced to tap.

Joe Lauzon - Winner Submission (Triangle Choke)

- Up next is Manny Gamburyan vs. Nate Diaz.

Manny Gamburyan vs. Nate Diaz

- Coming out first is Manny Gamburyan walking to Toxicity by System of a Down.

- Out next is Nate Diaz sporting his white gi with Jake Sheilds and Gilbert Melendez walking with him. Diaz is walking to the song “Hate Me Now”.

Round 1:

Both fighters come out and Diaz throws a body kick. Gamburyan shoots in immediately and goes for a takedown. Diaz rolls for a kimura and Gamburyan gets out. Gamburyan begins to work for a guillotine. Diaz struggles but gets out and regains guard. Gamburyan begins to work from the top. Gamburyan throwing shots from the top but Diaz is avoiding. Gamburyan getting in some good rights. Nate stands up and Gamburyan takes his back and tries a suplex. Diaz peppering him with some short shots up against the cage. Finally Gamburyan secures the single and begins to work from Diaz’s guard. Gamburyan lands 3-4 hard shots and then tries to take Diaz’s back. Diaz pounces to the ground and regains guard. Diaz eats two right hands. Diaz attempts to go for an omaplata but Gamburyan powers out. Diaz rolling for a kimura. Diaz utilizing a very active guard from the bottom. Diaz throwing short shots form the bottom as Gamburyan beginst to posture up. They get back to their feet and Gamburyan goes for another guillotine. The round ends.

- Gamburyan 10-9.

Round 2:

The second round starts with Diaz landing three good punches. Gamburyan tries a head kick and Diaz blocks it. Gamburyan takes a sloppy shot and Diaz stuffs it. Diaz looks to start punching from the top but Gamburyan taps due to an injury. Looking at the replay it’s clear that something popped in Gamburyan’s shoulder.

Nate Diaz - Winner Tapout (Injury)

- Diaz is declared the TUF 5 champion. Dana White enters the cage to congratulate Nate Diaz with his six figure contract, trophy and watch.

- Joe Rogan enters the cage to interview Diaz and he states that the TUF house sucked and he doesn’t recommend it. Diaz says he is pissed that his brother Nick Diaz wasn’t allowed to corner him and be in the backroom. Said he wishes they’d show him more respect.

- Rogan interviews Manvel and he said it was hard because he trained very very hard for the fight but he couldn’t continue because his shoulder popped out.

- Up next is Cole Miller vs. Andy Wang.

Cole Miller vs. Andy Wang

Round 1:

The fight begins with a glove touch. Miller comes out early utilizing his strikes. Good left right combo from Miller. They clinch along the cage and then separate. Wang misses a big right. Miller misses with a combo. Wang gets in a short left. Miller lands a big head kick which drops Wang. Miller pounces and begins to rain down shots from the top. The referee steps in and calls halt to the fight.

Cole Miller - Winner TKO (Strikes)

- Micah Miller and Charles McCarthy join Cole Miller in the ring.

- It’s now time for the main-event folks!

- Jens Pulver vs. B.J. Penn is up next.

B.J. Penn vs. Jens Pulver

- The lights dim as Penn prepares to come out to. Penn looks very intense and focused. Thales Leites greets Penn in the hallway as he slowly makes his way out. Penn looks to be in excellent shape.

- The lights dim again as MFS elite fighter Jens Pulver begins to make his way out. Pulver looks ready as he makes his way out.

Round 1:

The fight begins with Penn landing a good left hook early. B.J. with another left hook, Pulver responds with a shot and then Penn picks him up and slams him. Penn passes and gets to the half guard. Penn pushes Pulver up against the cage while working to pass. Pulver attempts to stand but Penn picks him up and slams him to the canvas again. Penn passes and gains the mount. Pulver rolls and Penn takes his back. Penn rolls for and armbar and then to a triangle. He looks it in and then starts landing hard elbows from the bottom. Pulver pulls out and gains top position. Pulver pushes Penn up against the cage and then lands a huge left elbow. Penn finally moves and stands up. Penn with a left jab. Pulver misses with a left and takes an uppercut. Good left from Penn. Knee to the body by Jens answered by a knee from Penn. High kick from Pulver blocked. Pulver lands a right and then takes a jab from Penn.

- Penn 10-9.

Round 2:

The second starts with Pulver throwing the jab. Penn lands a good right hand. Pulver lands a good left hand and then Penn takes him to the canvas. Penn landing some excellent lefts on the canvas. Penn working to pass Pulver’s guard. Penn gets to the half guard and almost the mount. Penn lands three hard lefts from the top as Pulver tries to strike from the bottom. Penn mounts Pulver and flattens him out. Hard lefts from Penn. Pulver doing a good job of defending. Pulver rolls and give up his back. Moments later he rolls back to the mount and eats a huge elbow. Penn takes Pulver’s back again. Hard left from Penn followed by another to the face. Penn showing excellent back control. Penn working hard for the choke. He traps Pulver’s arm and locks it on. Pulver begins to tap and Penn continues to tug until the referee pulls him off.

- After the fight Pulver and Penn embrace one another.

B.J. Penn - Winner Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

- Dana White awards B.J. Penn with a custom watch.

- Rogan comes into the octagon and interviews Jens Pulver. Pulver says he respects Penn and he thanks the UFC and says “B.J. is a savage”. Pulver says not only is he motivated but he will be going to train with B.J. Penn. Pulver states that he is going back to 145 lbs and Penn is going back to 170 lbs so it’s their way of saying goodbye.

- Penn says if you want to know what B.J. Penn feels like go to http://www.bjpenn.com. Then he makes his way out of the octagon.

- Pulver looks to be in very good spirits when arriving back in his room. Penn also is very happy as he embraces Charuto.

- Nate Diaz comes into Pulver’s dressing room and thanks him along with shaking hands with Robbie Lawler.


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