Trigg: Sakurai is Not Fighting Diego

Earlier this week on Tagg Radio, Frank Trigg, stated that Hayato Sakurai is not fighting Diego Sanchez, at least not right now.

“One thing I do know is Sakurai is not fighting Diego at least as of Sunday morning when I talked to him, or talked to his guys, not him his english isn’t that good. He doesn’t have any plans of fighting Diego and doesn’t know anything about it.”

When asked if Sakurai had heard the rumors Trigg said…

“Yeah he’s heard them cause he’s like why do people keep asking me if I’m going to fight this guy Diego. I’m in Japan laying down, I’m literally on the couch with my wife and kids. I’m not training for this guy right now. “

Rumors of the possible Sakurai-Sanchez fight originally surfaced on KRQE News 13, a local New Mexico-based television station, when they said:

“Diego Sanchez is ready to return to the UFC stage after suffering his first defeat back in April. Sanchez will has a welterweight showdown on the UFC 74 card in Las Vegas, Nevada, August 25th. He will fight Hayato Sakuri of Japan. Sanchez says if he is victorious he could get a rematch with the only man ever to defeat him … Josh Koscheck.”


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