Trigg-Filho Close to Being Signed?

Earlier today, Sam Caplan made a post on Five Ounces of Pain stating that Frank Trigg’s radio show co-host, George Garcia, had responded to a post made on MMA Weekly’s message forums and somewhat validated the rumor that Trigg was set to fight current WEC Middleweight Champion Paulo Filho in December.

Trigg responded to the rumors this afternoon on Tagg Radio. Here’s what we now know.

Nothing is signed as of yet. Trigg and his manager have been contacted by Zuffa concerning a possible fight at the end of the year. Trigg has not seen any form of a contract. In fact he went on to elaborate how things may change completely in a matter of hours.

“I haven’t signed anything at all,” said Trigg. “I haven’t seen a contract and I won’t until everything is finalized and the only thing I have to do is sign my name and fax the contract back to Zuffa. My manager, Rico Chiapparelli, deals with everything else.”

“The way Zuffa’s accounting system works these days is that things can be done in a matter of hours”, stated Trigg. “The contracts they send out don’t really take a lot of time to make. There aren’t many details that need to be worked out. I’m saying that right now nothing is happening but things could completely change by this afternoon or later tonight.”

Trigg and Filho would make for a very interesting fight. In my opinion, Trigg would be Filho’s toughest test to date. If I was Trigg, I’d try to keep the fight standing the entire time. It’s not that Trigg’s wrestling isn’t good enough to keep him out of submissions, because it certainly is. However as we saw in Filho’s last fight against Joe Doerksen, his striking isn’t impressive at all, even if the sloppy punches happened to stop Doerksen.


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