Today’s Example of Why MMA is MMA

Pat Healy. Photo courtesy of the Maximum Fighting Championship.

We all know that mixed martial arts encompasses everything. You can win a fight by doing other things besides throwing a punch.

Just ask Pat Healy.

In his come-from-behind submission win over the previously undefeated Ryan Ford at last weekend’s Maximum Fighting Championship show, you might have noticed that Healy didn’t throw many punches. That’s because he really didn’t. According to the CompuStrike numbers from the event, Healy threw nine punches over two and a half rounds and only one of them landed. One.

Da chart doesn’t lie:

Screenshot courtesy of

After getting handled in the first two rounds, Healy’s continuous quest for a submission on the ground finally paid off as he caught Ford in an armbar following one of Ford’s many slams in the fight. Off the top of my head, I can’t remember a past scenario that comes even close to this one, in terms of numbers. Crazy.


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