TKO Championship Fighting Inks TV Deal

TKO Championship Fighting announced today that the organization has signed a deal with the TQS television network to broadcast a weekly highlight program. Beginning on September 5 at 9 PM ET, TQS will begin airing “TKO Friday Night Knockouts”.

“For over eight years I have been working very hard to make the public understand and appreciate our sport and our athletes,” TKO President Stephane Patry said in today’s press release. “When we first started in 2000, our events were held in small venues and TKO was available on DVD and on specialty sport channels only.”

“Now, thanks to this partnership with the Rémillard brothers and the team at TQS, I am confident that our sport will reach a whole new level of popularity which is exactly what the sport and our athletes deserve.”

“TKO Friday Night Knockouts fits perfectly into the new programming of TQS recently acquired by the Rémillard brothers,” Louis Trépanier, Vice-President of TQS Programming said. “In the next few months, TQS is poised to become the preferred alternative for traditional television network viewing. The addition of action packed, captivating mixed martial arts entertainment should significantly help bolster the revival of TQS”

The deal calls for the network to air a total of 44 episodes over the next two years. No indication has been given yet concerning the possibility of TKO airing live events on the channel in the near future.



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