TKO 31: Young Guns Weigh-In Results

Steve Bosse (235 lbs) vs. Icho Larenas (231 lbs)
Mark Hominick (145 lbs) vs. Danny Martinez (145 lbs)
Chad Reiner (170 lbs) vs. Stephane Dube (169 lbs)
Ben Greer (145 lbs) vs. Stephane Vigneault (145 lbs)
Lance Evans (236 lbs) vs. Bob Landry (250 lbs)
Yoon Heo (144 lbs) vs. Thierry Quenneville (145 lbs)
Mark Fraser (145 lbs) vs. Eric Leclerc (145 lbs)
Yannick Galipeau (169 lbs) vs. Josh Bitner (170 lbs)
Alexis Davis (129 lbs) vs. Valerie Letourneau (131 lbs)
Stephane Bernadel (145 lbs) vs. Guillaume Lamarche (144 lbs)
Adil Ayoudi (233 lbs) vs. Ben Gallant (237 lbs)

Jay Estrada was forced to pull out of his scheduled bout against Martin Grandmont after suffering an injury during a recent training session. A replacement opponent for Grandmont was unable to be found according to The Fight Network.


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