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Tonight we will be going live at 7 PM EST, covering TKO 30: Apocalypse with one of our patented live blogs. Be sure to leave some comments throughout the night…

While you are waiting for the event to start, feel free to check out our coverage of the event which includes weigh-in results and much more:

TKO 30 Weigh-In Results
Stephane Dube to Face T.J. Grant at TKO 30
TKO 30: Apocalypse Updated Card
Barnier vs Kay Set For TKO 30
TKO: Sean Pierson Out, Jesse Bongfeldt In
Bosse vs Evans at TKO 30
Stephane Vigneault vs Justin Tavernini Added to TKO 30
Dube vs Jackson Added to TKO 30
Guillet vs Lemelin Added to TKO 30
Barnier vs Lamarche Added to TKO 30
Two Title Fights Headline TKO 30
TKO Announces Competitors for Sept. 28th Card

Main Card:

Sam Stout vs Martin Grandmont
Steve Bosse vs Jody Burke
Chris Clements vs Jesse Bongfeldt
Mark Hominick vs Ben Greer
Dan Chambers vs Marcus Celestin
Stephane Dube vs T.J. Grant
Justin Tavernini vs Syd Barnier
Sam Guillet vs Yves Lemelin

Preliminary Bouts:

Sean Thompson vs Ilya Woronowski
Adam Kastner vs Adrian Wooley
Bob Landry vs Ray Noel De Tilly

We’re live…

We’re starting a little late tonight so we’ll pick up from where the event is currently at. Here are the results of the fights that have happened so far:

Ilya Woronowski def. Sean Thompson - Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
Adrian Wooley def. Adam Kastner - TKO (Strikes)
Bob Landry def. Ray Noel De Tilly - TKO (Strikes)
Samuel Guillet def. Yves Lemelin - Submission (Armbar)
Dan Chambers def. Marcus Celestin - TKO (Strikes)

The next bout of the night will feature a featherweight affair between Justin Tavernini and Syd Barnier

Justin Tavernini vs Syd Barnier

Round 1: They clinch to start the fight and Tavernini takes Barnier down. Tavernini gets on top of Barnier and attempts a kimura but Barnier easily slips out of it. Tavernini tries it again but transitions to an omoplata. After a few seconds Barnier is able to get out of that hold as well. Barnier sweeps Tavernini and ends up on top. Tavernini tries an armbar but Barnier starts some ground and pound and Tavernini is forced to give it up. They eventually work their way back up to the feet. They exchange on the feet for a bit. Barnier is landing hard leg kicks at will. Barnier lands a couple of combinations that stagger Tavernini. Barnier then connects with a body kick. Barnier is picking Tavernini apart on the feet. They clinch and Tavernini throws some knees before sweeping Barnier and taking him down. They scramble and Barnier ends up on top. Tavernini locks in an armbar once again and is able to hold it this time. Barnier refuses to tap but it’s obvious that he’s in pain. Finally the referee steps in and stops the bout to prevent Barnier’s arm from further damage.

Winner: Justin Tavernini - Technical Submission (Armbar)

Next up is the return of Mark Hominick to TKO as he takes on Ben Greer.

Mark Hominick vs Ben Greer

Round 1: Hominick comes storming out of the gate with a mix of punches and kicks that cause Greer to back up towards the cage. Hominick continues to throw combination and it’s obvious that Greer won’t be able to stand with Hominick for very long. Greer then attempts to take Hominick down three straight times and Hominick is able to stuff all of the takedown attempts. Hominick is starting to land at will with his punches. Hominick then lands a right hand that drops Greer. Hominick pounces on him and starts to pound away but the referee is right there to stop the bout.

Winner: Mark Hominick - TKO (Strikes)

Impressive win by Hominick.

Greer was down for the count after the fight was stopped. His face was covered in blood. He’s up now and walking out of the cage after the ringside doctors checked him out for a bit.

Intermission time.

The next bout will feature Stephane Dube going up against T.J. Grant

Stephane Dube vs T.J. Grant

Round 1: The two are content to feel each other out on the feet to start the bout. Grant works the leg kicks while Dube tries to counter with punches. Grant lands a right that momentarily stuns Dube. Grant gets Dube up against the cage and then is able to take him down. Dube tries to catch Grant in a guillotine on the way down but Dube is able to pull his head out of the hold. Grant then attempts a guillotine of his own but Dube quickly sweeps Grant and ends up on top of him. Dube moves to side control for a moment before switching back. Grant tries a triangle choke but Dube is able to get out of it. Dube achieves mount but Grant is able to push Dube off of him. Grant stays on the ground while Dube is standing up and sinks in an ankle lock that forces Dube to tap.

Winner: T.J. Grant - Submission (Ankle Lock)

The next bout will be the first championship bout of the night - Jesse Bongfeldt challenges Chris Clements for the vacant TKO Welterweight Title.

Jesse Bongfeldt vs Chris Clements

Round 1: The two go to war on the feet to start the round, each landing a mix of punches, kicks, elbows, and knees. Clements scored the first takedown of the bout when he picked Bongfeldt up and slammed him down to the canvas. Clements gets on top of Bongfeldt and works some ground and pound on his opponent. Bongfeldt sweeps Clements and stands up. Clements throws some knees but is unable to stop Bongfeldt from taking him down. They scramble and quickly get back up to their feet. Clements attempts a flying knee and misses, allowing Bongfeldt to take advantage and score another takedown. Bongfeldt retains top position and works some ground and pound of his own. Clements attempts an armbar but Bongfeldt gets out of it. Bongfeldt then rolls Clements over and takes his back. Bongfeldt sinks in the rear naked choke. Clements tries to fight it but is put to sleep shortly after.

Winner: Jesse Bongfeldt - Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

Clements wakes up after about 30 seconds. Bongfeldt is the new TKO Welterweight Champion.

The co-featured bout of the evening sports popular LNAH enforcer Steve Bosse going up against last minute replacement opponent Jody Burke. Bosse’s original opponent, Lance Evans, was forced to pull out of the bout after he learned that he would be unable to make it to Montreal in time for the event.

The referee for this bout is going to be Yves Lavigne.

Steve Bosse vs Jody Burke

Round 1: Bosse connects with a right to start the bout. Bosse wrestles Burke to the ground. Burke lands an upkick and Bosse takes a second thought about jumping into Burke’s guard. Bosse lets Burke stand back up and they exchange on the feet once more. Burke lands a right that stuns Bosse. Bosse takes Burke down and works some ground and pound until Burke is able to kick Bosse away once again. They stand up for a third time. Bosse picks Burke apart on the feet for a short moment until he is taken down again. Burke pulls guard but that doesn’t stop Bosse from landing strikes. Bosse switches to side control and continues his ground and pound assault on Burke. Burke rolls to his back but Bosse continues to pound away until Lavigne steps in to stop the bout.

Winner: Steve Bosse - TKO (Strikes)

Bosse got an extra shot in right after Lavigne halted the bout. Nothing came of it though.

Main event time bitches!

London, Ontario’s Sam Stout is set to defend his title against Martin Grandmont.

Sam Stout vs Martin Grandmont

Round 1: They start the round on the feet. Grandmont lands a nice kick and jab combination. Stout shoots in for a takedown but Grandmont is able to stuff it. They stand up and Grandmont lands another right. Stout shakes it off but then slips on the mat. He catches himself and the fight remains on the feet. Grandmont is starting to land shots at will now, out-striking Stout. Stout comes back with a left hook that lands flush on Grandmont’s jaw but the shot has no effect. Stout has two different cuts over both of his eyes and starts to wipe away the blood at a steady rate, yet the referee doesn’t stop the bout. They continue to stand and trade. Stout lands a jab and follows it up with an overhand right that knocks Grandmont down. Stout jumps on Grandmont and pounds on him until the referee stops the bout.

Winner: Sam Stout - TKO (Strikes)

Stout remains the TKO Lightweight Champion.

Stout really looked like he was in trouble in the beginning of the fight but kept his composure and eventually knocked Grandmont down.

Not one fight went to a decision tonight, pretty impressive.

Well that’s all for tonight. Thanks to those that followed along.


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