TKO 29: Repercussion Live Results

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TKO 29: Repercussion

Guillaume Lamarche vs. Adrian Wooley
Brett Pearson vs. Marcus Celestin
Syd Barnier vs. Eric Leclerc
Stephane Dube vs. David Medd
Jon Mirasty vs. Sebastien Gauthier
Yves Lemelin vs. Steve Pouliot
Valerie Letourneau vs. Sarah Kaufman
Tyler Jackson vs. Martin Grandmont
David Fraser vs. Steve Bosse
Jonathan Goulet vs. Travis Axworthy
Patrick Cote vs. Jason Day

- Adrian Wooley is the first victor of the evening TKOing Guilliaume Lamarche at 1:51 of the third round.

- Marcus Celestin made easy work of Brett Pearson submitting him at 2:21 of the first.

- After surviving a tough opening round, Syd Barnier was able to come out strong in the second finishing his opponent, Eric Leclerc, 15 seconds into the round.

- Stephane Dube earned his fifth straight win tonight with a TKO over his opponent David Medd.

- Sebastien Gauthier made easy work of Jon Mirasty earning the TKO at 4:10 of round 1.

- Yves Lemelin and Steve Pouliot clashed in a lightweight affair and after three rounds of action it went to the judges scorecards. Yves Lemelin was given the split decision victory improving his record to 2-1.

- Sarah Kaufman defeated Valerie Letourneau 1:36 into the second round when Letourneau verbally submitted to the referee after not being able to withstand a barrage of punches from Kaufman while she was stuffed up against the cage.

- Martin Grandmont won a unanimous decision over Tyler Jackson in a fairly uneventful fight for both sides. Grandmont won a decision by picking apart Jackson on the feet but failing to do any big damage until the closing seconds of the final round when he knocked Jackson down with a punch.

- Steve Bosse won a quick one over David Fraser 2:02 into the first round when he dropped Fraser with a knee and then pounded on him until the referee was forced to stop the bout. The victory comes as Bosse’s first of his pro career.

- Even quicker than that was Jonathan Goulet’s victory over Travis Axworthy. Goulet put Axworthy to sleep with a high kick just 8 seconds into the first round.

- Patrick Cote became the new TKO Middleweight Champion with a first round submission win over Jason Day. Cote was able to take Day down and then unleashed some ground and pound until Day had enough and tapped out to end the fight.


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