Tim Sylvia Might Be a Sly Fox

Photo courtesy of Tim-Sylvia.com

I didn’t know this but apparently Andrei Arlovski broke up with his former Playboy bunny girlfriend, Patrycja Mikula. Not sure when it went down, but it did, and it appears that someone has picked up right where Andrei left off. It’s not who you think…

According to Steve Cofield, (who will be a great addition to Yahoo! Sports ever-growing MMA coverage) Mikula was seen hanging out with Tim Sylvia, whom Arlovski has fought three times in his career as we all know, at this weekend’s Adrenaline MMA event in Chicago. Why she was with Big Tim of all people, I will never know, but word on the street is that Arlovski wasn’t too happy the whole thing.

Cofield says through Miletich sources that Sylvia and Mikula are indeed dating. However Mikula has told our good friend Ariel Helwani that her and Sylvia “are good friends and are not dating as of right now” She also wouldn’t rule out the two dating in the future, the whole “never say never” sort of thing.

Apparently Sylvia invited Mikula to the event since she lives on minutes from the Sears Centre. Could it be something more though?

With both fighters under contract to Monte Cox’s new organization as well as Affliction, Sylvia had to know that Arlovski was going to be there in attendance. A fourth fight between the two could be set up rather easily. Sylvia has lost his last two bouts and could easily lose to Fedor next month as well. He’s beaten Arlovski twice and probably believes he could do it again to get back on track.

Is this a ploy to get Arlovski to ask Cox for another rematch? It’s possible. This might be a love-triangle worth paying attention to.


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