Thompson Submits Troyer; Retains Title

Photo courtesy of BodogFight.

Nick “The Goat” Thompson continued his impressive winning ways Friday night as he overcame a brutal first couple of minutes to ultimately end up submitting opponent John Troyer and successfully retain his BodogFight welterweight title.

The lively crowd inside the Las Vegas Sport Center saw Thompson land two stiff jabs to start the main event off. Troyer was able to dodge another flurry and closed in on Thompson, who quickly became the victim of a highlight-reel slam that sent Thompson face-first into the canvas.

Thompson’s nose was immediately broken and blood began to flow onto the mat.

Troyer swiftly took Thompson’s back and then switched to attempt a rear naked choke after his tries for a rear naked choke weren’t working. A scramble allowed Thompson to move into top position, where he unleashed an effective ground and pound assault that bloodied Troyer.

With Troyer visibly fatigued, Thompson literally dragged his opponent to the middle of the ring and proceeded to deal out even more punishment. Troyer had decided that he wanted to get away from the shots so he rolled to his back, which ended up being a fatal mistake as Thompson secured a choke from behind and forced Troyer to tap out.

Thompson stated that he wasn’t even sure how his nose was even broken during the first minute of the bout.

” I honestly have no idea how my nose was broken,” said Thompson during a post-fight interview. ““I think he may have busted my nose during one of the slams but I’m still not sure. All I know is that it hurt”

A total of seven bouts took place at the event. The rest of the night’s results include the following:

Aaron Simpson def. Scott Dingman - TKO (Strikes)
Bryan Humes def. Ryan Murray - TKO (Strikes)
Angela Magana def. Lynn Alvarez - Submission (Armbar)
Chad George def. Rick Screeton - TKO (Strikes)
Seth Baczynski def. Chris Kennedy - TKO (Strikes)
Sara Schneider def. Kaitlin Young - Submission (Armbar)


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