The Ultimate Fighter: Season 4 Catch-Up

Well our original plan was to do weekly episode recaps of the fourth season of The Ultimate Fighter, but things were delayed a little bit. We will be doing that from this point forward, but first let’s get caught up on what has happened so far…

Episode 1:

The episode begins with the fighters entering the UFC training center and Dana White explaining how the competition will work. Instead of coaches, the fighters will have the opportunity to work with three trainers - Randy Couture, Georges St. Pierre, and Mark DellaGrotte along with other surprise trainers along the way. The winners of the Welterweight and Middleweight finals will receive $100,000 and a shot at the respective titles.

Each fighter selects a jersey from a box, which will put them on one of the two different teams. The teams end up as follows…

Grey Team:

Matt Serra
Shonie Carter
Chris Lytle
Din Thomas
Patrick Cote
Pete Sell
Edwin DeWees
Scott Smith

Blue Team:

Rich Clementi
Mikey Burnett
Jeremy Jackson
Pete Spratt
Charles McCarthy
Gideon Ray
Jorge Rivera
Travis Lutter

White then instructs the fighters to figure out a training schedule and come up with a team name. The Grey Team chooses Team Mojo and the Blue Team becomes Team No Love. White does a coin toss and Team No Love is given the opportunity to select who will participate in the first fight.

The next day, Team No Love announces that Rich Clementi will be taking on Shonie Carter from Team Mojo. Clementi feels that Carter is the weak link on Team Mojo as evidence by Shonie throwing up ater the team’s latest training session. At the weigh-ins the next day, both fighters’ history in the UFC is discussed by themselves and Dana White. Both fighters make weight and enter the octagon the nexy day.

The first round starts off with Carter landing a hard kick to Clementi’s ribs. Rich successfuly goes for a takedown and tries to control Shonie on the mat, but Carter gets back up to his feet. Both fighters exchange some strikes: Carter with punches; Clementi with leg kicks. Carter then connects with a roundhouse kick and a left to the face of Clementi, which causes Rich to smile. The two then each score a takedown before the round ends.

Both fighters go back to their corners where Clementi notes that Carter is very slippery and should be wiped down. The second round begins with Clementi connecting with a right cross. Clementi takes Carter down and goes for a mount which Shonie is able to escape. Clementi then goes for an armbar but Shonie is able to sweep Clementi and winds up on top. Clementi attempts a guillotine and a triangle while Carter swings away with punches.

Clementi works his way back to his feet, only to be kicked in the head again by Carter. They go to the clinch and exchange strikes until the end of the round. The judges go to the scorecards and Shonie Carter is named the winner by unanimous decision. After the fight, Carter says that Clementi’s submissions were too weak and that he should try fighting at 155 lbs. Dana White goes to congratulate Clementi for his effort but Clementi continues to complain about how slippery Carter was.

Episode 2:

The show starts out with a recap of the Carter-Clementi fight. Team Mojo decides to hold a meeting where they discuss possible matchups and strategies for upcoming fights. Shonie falls asleep on the couch and leaves his journal sitting on the counter, which happens to have all of the team’s strategies written down. They confront Shonie about leaving his book out in the open and he apologizes.

Charles McCarthy is convinced that he will be the next one who has to fight. He asks a couple of members of Team Mojo about what their decision will be but none of them decide to comply with McCarthy’s request. Team No Love heads to the gym, only to take a day off and just lay around. Georges St. Pierre says that these veterans are pretty lazy while McCarthy says that the trainers understand that they need to stay healthy in order to fight.

When it comes time to announce the next matchup, Shonie Carter does it in a singing voice. He announces McCarthy’s name only to say that it won’t be him. McCarthy has to be told by Rich Clementi that he can step back before he realizes that he hasn’t been selected. Shonie then annouces that Edwin DeWees will be taking on Gideon Ray.

It is revealed that both fighters have a UFC record of 0-2. Ray has lost to David Loiseau and Mike Swick; DeWees to Rich Franklin and Chris Leben. The fight starts out with both fighters each throwing a few leg kicks. Edwin sees an opening and takes Gideon down to the mat where he is able to hold him down and land a good amount of strikes. Ray is eventually able to sweep DeWees and get into top position but the horn sounds to end the first round.

Edwin comes out very aggressive at the beginning of the second round. He quickly takes Gideon down once again and continues to throw strikes. Gideon connects with an elbow to the top of Edwin’s head, cutting him open and spilling blood all over the mat. The referee stops the fight so the doctor can examine the cut - The doctor determines that it will not affect Edwin’s vision and he allows the fight to continue. The fighters are put back into position again and Edwin continues to ground and pound while holding back the blood with his other hand. Edwin attempts a triangle and a rear naked choke but Gideon is able to slip out of the submissions.

The referee again stops the fight after the amount of blood becomes overwhelming. The doctor again allows Edwin to continue. The two exchange a series of leg kicks before Gideon takes Edwin down and throws some strikes. The two exchange from the bottom until the horn sounds to end the round. Dana White announces that there will be a sudden death third round.

Gideon attempts a spinning kick to begin the round but Edwin is able to dodge it and take advantage of Gideon’s awkward positiong by taking him down. Gideon tries to escape from the bottom while trying to dodge the blood from Edwin’s head at the same time. The referee stops the fight again so the blood can be wiped away from both fighters. Edwin continues to dominate on the ground and attempt an array of submissions before Gideon reverses the position and pounds away until the fight ends.

The judges decide that Edwin DeWees is the winner by unanimous decision. After the fight, Dana says how impressed he was with Edwin handling all of the blood pouring out of his head. Gideon says that he thought the fight should have been stopped because of the cut.


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