The Ultimate Fighter 6 Official Cast

MMA’s most popular reality show, The Ultimate Fighter 6, is set to return Wednesday, September 19th at 10 PM on Spike TV. Season six will feature 16 fighters all competing in the 170 lbs. division with the winner earning a three year contract with the UFC. The finals will air Dec. 8 live on Spike TV and 21 days later the coaches, Matt Hughes and Matt Serra, will compete for the UFC welterweight title at UFC 79 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Official TUF 6 Cast:

Matt Arroyo (2-1)
Daniel Barrera (1-0)
Blake Bowman (4-3)
Mac Danzig (17-4-1)
Paul Georgieff (7-1)
Richie Hightower (7-1)
John Kolosci (8-4)
Troy Mandaloniz (3-1)
Billy Miles (2-1)
Roman Mitchyan (8-1)
Dorian Price (8-2)
Jared Rollins (9-3)
Ben Saunders (4-0-2)
Joe Scarola (6-0)
George Sotiropoulos (7-2)
Tommy Speer (9-1)


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