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Tonight we will be going live at 7:00 PM EST, covering The Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale with one of our patented live blogs. Be sure to leave some comments throughout the day and night…

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Main Card:

Clay Guida vs. Roger Huerta
Tommy Speer vs. Mac Danzig
Ben Saunders vs. Dan Barrera
Jared Rollins vs. Jon Koppenhaver
Billy Miles vs. George Sotiropoulos

Preliminary Bouts:

Troy Mandaloniz vs. Richie Hightower
Matt Arroyo vs. John Kolosci
Roman Mitichyan vs. Dorian Price
Paul Georgieff vs. Jonathan Goulet

The news is flowing early today. has a blurb stating that UFC President Dana White will make a special announcement tonight:

Watch the Ultimate Fighter Finale on Spike TV TONIGHT (9pm ET/PT) for a special announcement made by UFC President, Dana White.

MMA Junkie thinks that UFC Light Heavyweight Champ Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Forrest Griffin will be announced as the coaches for The Ultimate Fighter 7.

We are live bitches!

Let’s start things off. The first preliminary fight of the night features contestant Paul Georgieff going up against UFC veteran Jonathan Goulet. Goulet will be replacing Blake Bowman in this fight. Bowman is still recovering from a torn ACL suffered on the show.

Paul Georgieff vs. Jonathan Goulet

Did anyone else see Goulet’s haircut yesterday? His best one yet in my opnion, even better than last year’s “For Rent”...

Round 1: They start things off standing. They each trade strikes but nothing of note seems to land for either fighter. Georgieff then starts to land a number of unanswered leg kicks. Goulet opts to take Georgieff down. Goulet ended up in Georgieff’s guard but he was still able to work some good ground and pound that causes a mouse under Georgieff’s eye. Georgieff tries to sweep Goulet and they scramble. Georgieff is able to stand back up. They exchange on the feet again and Georgieff lands a left hook that knocks Goulet down. Goulet quickly gets back up and takes Georgieff down once again. After landing some shots, Goulet achieves mount and lands a number of strikes that force Georgieff to give up his back. Goulet sinks in a rear naked choke and puts Georgieff to sleep.

Winner: Jonathan Goulet - Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

Georgieff was out like a light. I can’t believe he knocked Goulet down though. Definitely wasn’t expecting that from the Paul that we saw on the show standing up.

The second prelim should be an interesting one. Roman Mitichiyan, you know the guy that had to leave in the first episode after breaking his arm… he’s taking on Dorian “Get that camera out my face” Price.

Roman Mitichyan vs. Dorian Price

Round 1: Mitichyan takes Price down right off of the bat. Price pulls guard and after a few moments Mitichyan decides to stand up. Mitichyan then grabs Price’s leg and falls back, locking in an ankle lock. Price has no choice but to tap out.

Winner: Roman Mitichyan - Submission (Ankle Lock)

Mitichyan came like a bat out of hell as soon as the fight started. I’m pretty sure it was over in under 30 seconds.

Time for the third preliminary bout of the night. Matt Arroyo takes on John Kolosci, who I think everyone loved.

Matt Arroyo vs. John Kolosci

The referee for this bout is “Big” John McCarthy.

Round 1: They exchange on the feet to start the round. Arroyo lands a right cross that causes Kolosci to shoot in for a takedown. Arroyo catches Kolosci in a guillotine as they are falling to the mat. Kolosci is able to work his way out of it but quickly finds himself trying to fight off an armbar by Arroyo. Kolosci eventually gets out of the hold and controls Arroyo from the top position. “Big” John steps in and restarts the bout on the feet because of a lack of action. They clinch and Arroyo pulls Kolosci’s head down, attempting another guillotine. They fall back to the canvas but the impact gives Kolosci the opportunity to pull his head out. Arroyo then boosts himself off of the cage, grabs ahold of Kolosci’s arm, and forces his opponent to tap out due to an armbar.

Winner: Matt Arroyo - Submission (Armbar)

The final preliminary bout of the night features former friends on the show Troy Mandaloniz and Richie Hightower.

Troy Mandaloniz vs. Richie Hightower

Mandaloniz and Hightower had a nice staredown yesterday. Hopefully it generates into a good fight.

Round 1: They start the round standing as expected. They exchange a good amount of punches, each landing their fair share. Hightower starts to out-land his opponent. Mandaloniz connected with a string of jabs and Hightower shoots in for the takedown. Hightower tries to get set on top but they scramble and end up back on the feet. Mandaloniz starts to take control. He’s picking Hightower apart. They clinch but Mandaloniz lands hard knees to the body. They break apart and after a brief moment, Mandaloniz lands a left that knocks Hightower down. Mandaloniz pounces on him and pounds away with unanswered hammer fists until the referee jumps in and stops the fight.

Winner: Troy Mandaloniz - TKO (Strikes)

That last fight will probably end up making the broadcast if fights are ending early. The live broadcast should start in about 20 mins.

Breaking News!!!!!!!111

The Fight Network is reporting that Sean Sherk has been stripped of the UFC Lightweight Title. We’ll definitely have more on the story later tonight into tomorrow morning.

The Spike TV broadcast has begun…

The first televised fight of the evening is going to be a rematch between Ben Saunders and Dan Barrera. Saunders won a unanimous decision over Barrera on the show.

Ben Saunders vs. Dan Barrera

They showed Barrera shadow boxing backstage. I wonder if they are filming from the bathroom.

Round 1: Saunders misses with a high kick to start things off and Barrera shoots in for a takedown. Saunders stuffs it and they clinch up against the cage. Barrera continues to try and take Saunders down but just can’t do it. They clinch again. Saunders lands a high knee. Saunders sinks in a guillotine choke but gives it up. Saunders then takes Barrera’s back. Saunders works for an armbar but Barrera sweeps him and ends up on top. Saunders pulls rubber guard and lets go after a moment. Barrera stands up and throws down right hand bombs. Barrera works some occasional ground and pound until the end of the round.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Saunders.

Round 2: Barrera shoots in for a takedown right away and gets it. They scramble and Barrera takes Saunders back. He throws some punches from behind but Saunders rolls into guard. Barrera works some ground and pound inside Saunders’ tight guard. Saunders tries to sweep him but Barrera moves and prevents it. Referee Yves Lavigne stands them up because of a lack of action. Saunders attempts a flying knee but misses. Barrera goes for a takedown but Saunders ends up landing on his back. Saunders rolls for an armbar but Barrera gets on top of him. They get stood up once again. Saunders lands a head kick that knocks Barrera down. Saunders takes Barrera’s back and throws some strikes until the end of the round.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Saunders

Round 3: Saunders lands a body kick during in exchange to start the round. Barrera shoots in but Saunders stuffs it. Saunders takes Barrera’s back again. Saunders locks in a body triangle. Saunders waves to someone in the crowd while punching Barrera. Hysterical. Saunders tries for a rear naked choke. Barrera continues to fight it off. Saunders pounding on Barrera from behind. Barrera rolls and winds up on top of Saunders. Barrera controls him from the top but they get stood up again by Lavigne. Saunders lands another head kick and Barrera falls to his knees. They clinch and Saunders stuffs yet another takedown. Saunders pounds on Barrera’s body until the end of the fight.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Saunders and the fight 30-27 for Saunders as well. The judges score the fight 30-27, 29-28, and 30-27 all for Saunders

Winner: Ben Saunders - Unanimous Decision

Impressive showing by Saunders there…

Mike Goldberg says that Dana White has another announcement to make during tomorrow night’s Video Game Awards on Spike.

The next fight of the night is Billy Miles challenging George Sotiropoulos. Sotiropoulos has continued to train with Matt Serra even after the end of the show.

Billy Miles vs. George Sotiropoulos

Round 1: Miles comes out guns blazing and throwing strikes that back Sotiropoulos up into the cage. They clinch and Miles shoots in for a takedown. Sotiropoulos stuffs it and takes Miles’ back. Sotiropoulos pounds away before rolling Miles over. Miles flattens out and Sotiropoulos continues to land unanswered strikes. Sotiropoulos locks in a body triangle. Sotiropoulos pounds away just before sinking in both hooks and locking in a rear naked choke. Miles tries to fight it but ends up tapping out.

Winner: George Sotiropoulos - Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

Pretty much what I was expecting. If Sotiropoulos can improve his wrestling he’ll definitely be a force in the UFC.

I was thinking that Mandaloniz-Hightower was going to be shown on the broadcast and it is. Watch and enjoy.

Forrest Griffin interviewing the Foo Fighters. Forrest is towering over Dave Grohl so I’m assuming Grohl must be only 5’7 or something like that.

Kevin James sitting next to Rampage…

Time for a fight that I’m really looking forward to. War Machine against J-ROC.

Jared Rollins vs. Jon Koppenhaver

The referee for this fight is Steve Mazzagatti.

Round 1: Koppenhaver throws a combination to start things off but Rollins quickly takes him down. They scramble and stand up but Koppenhaver takes Rollins down. They exchange strikes on the ground. Both staying very active. Exchanging elbows each now. Rollins tries to get up but Koppenhaver pushes him back down. Koppenhaver taking control now. Rollins continues to throw pointed elbows from the bottom. Koopenhaver still connecting with strikes inside Rollins’ guard. Koppenhaver lands three short elbows. Rollins unleashing a flurry of elbows from the bottom. Koppenhaver is cut badly, blood all over. They continue to exchange on the ground until the end of the round.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Koppenhaver.

I could be wrong but I think that those elbows being thrown by Rollins are illegal. I thought that you could only throw elbows horizontally or at a side angle, like in Silva-Lutter.

Round 2: They come out throwing bombs to start the round. They clinch and Rollins tries to take Koppenhaver down but Koppenhaver winds up on top. Koppenhaver is still bleeding badly from the top of his head. Rollins looks at his corner and sticks his tongue out. Weird. Rollins still throwing those elbows from the bottom. Landing flurries of unanswered elbows now. Mazzagatti stops the fight and restarts on it on the feet. Throwing bombs again. Flying knee from Rollins misses. Koppenhaver stuns Rollins with a bomb. Rollins takes Koppenhaver down. He stands up and throws some rights before falling into Koppenhaver’s guard. Rollins working some good ground and pound. Koppenhaver rolls but winds back up on the bottom. Rollins rolls Koppenhaver and takes his back. Rollins switches to side control and then mount before taking Koppenhaver’s back again. Koppenhaver sweeps him and Rollins winds up on top. Rollins reigning down punches on Koppenhaver. He throws unanswered strikes until the end of the round. What a fight.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Rollins.

Round 3: Rollins shoots in for a takedown right away. Koppenhaver stuffs it and winds up on top. Koppenhaver pounding away on Rollins with elbows and punches with the left hand. Mazzagatti stands them up again. Rollins looks tired. Koppenhaver rushes and pushes Rollins into the cage. Rollins lands a right that puts Koppenhaver to his knees. Rollins then lands a questionable knee that rocks Koppenhaver. Rollins on top of Koppenhaver pounding away. Koppenhaver sweeps him and gets on top. Koppenhaver then unleashes a flurry of unanswered punches that forces Mazzagatti to run in and stop the fight.

Winner: Jon Koppenhaver - TKO (Strikes)

Holy shit… fight of the year in my opinion.

Koppenhaver pretty emotional after the fight.

TUF 6 finals time!

Tommy Speer vs. Mac Danzig

Profiles for both Speer and Danzig. Speer is fighting to pay off the money he owes his parents for starting his own farm. Danzig is back to being happy since he’s out of the house.

Sounds like Speer is coming out to Hanson or something. Danzig entering to some hip hop. John Alessio, Gray Maynard, and Andy Wang all in Danzig’s corner.

Round 1: Speer rushes Danzig into the cage at the start. Danzig tries to take Speer down but Speer keeps his balance. Danzig then drives Speer to the mat and scores a takedown. Danzig achieves mount. Danzig pounding away on Speer with unanswered shots. Speer gives Danzig his back. Danzig pounding away from behind. Danzig then sinks in a rear naked choke and forces Speer to tap out. Complete domination.

Winner: Mac Danzig - Submission (Rear Naked Choke)


Speer sure loves that farm.

Arroyo-Kolosci from the prelims showing now…

It’s main event time people.

Roger Huerta vs. Clay Guida

Kenny Florian has joined Goldberg and Rogan in the booth. Apparently he wants the winner of this fight.

Guida rocking out during his entrance. He looks pumped. Extremely pumped. Wow, he’s excited for this fight.

Huerta pretty calm walking out.

Round 1: Huerta throws a high kick to start things off. They exchange on the feet and Guida takes him down. Huerta works his way back to his feet and Guida picks him up and slams him down. Guida controls him from the top until they scramble. Huerta tries for a leg lock but Guida is able to get out of it. They scramble again and Huerta gets on top. Guida gets to his knees and then knees Huerta while he was down on his knees. McCarthy stops the fight, asks Huerta if he’s alright, and then restarts. Going toe-to-toe on the feet. Guida shoots in for a takedown but it’s stuffed by Huerta. Guida takes Huerta’s back. Huerta gets flattened out. Guida trying for the rear naked. Huerta spins out of it and then takes Guida’s back. Guida spins out of it but gets stuck in an armbar. Guida gets out of it and gets on top of Huerta just before the end rounds. Good action.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Guida.

Round 2: Exchange on the feet to start. Back and forth with punches. Toe-to-toe. Each landing some. They go to the ground but quickly get back up. Huerta lands a knee as they are standing up. Huerta lands a head kick. Back and forth with strikes. Huerta lands two head kicks in a row. Guida then takes Huerta down. Guida takes Huerta’s back. They scramble and Guida takes Huerta down again. Guida lands a knee. Toe to toe on the feet once again. Guida lands a nice combination that rocks Huerta. Guida takes Huerta down and takes his back. They get back up. Guida rocks Huerta with a right hand. Guida nails Huerta while Huerta on his knees. Guida gets on top of Huerta and pounds away with big shots. Guida with hammer fists. Guida pounds away until the end of the round.

MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 for Guida.

Round 3: Final round bitches. Toe to toe on the feet once again. Huerta lands a body kick and a knee. Huerta rocking Guida. Guida shoots in but Huerta takes him down. Huerta landing bombs. Huerta reverses a Guida takedown and takes his back. Huerta sinks in a rear naked choke and forces Guida to tap. Amazing comeback.

Winner: Roger Huerta - Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

Amazing event. End of live blog so I can go watch Mayweather-Hatton. Peace my babies.


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