The Ultimate Fighter 6: Episode 8

The show starts off with a recap of last week’s fight of course, where George Sotiropoulos picked apart Jared Rollins en route to a TKO victory.

That means that the last preliminary fight will be Tommy Speer vs Jon Koppenhaver. Profile pieces are done on both fighters. Speer is just like Matt Hughes in that he has a farm back home and runs it with his brother. Also like Hughes, Speer usually relies on his natural “farmer strength” and ability to win most of his fights.

Koppenhaver on the other hand doesn’t have very much. No mother, no father, only a few friends. Koppenhaver visually shows the emotional toll that his path in life has taken on him. The most eye-opening part of the show was when “War Machine” recalls attempting to save his father from a heart attack by using CPR when he was only 13 years old.

Both fighters weighed-in fine. It’s fight time.

Now I picked Koppenhaver to win this fight. I thought that Speer wouldn’t really put forth much effort in the Octagon. Matt Hughes nearly made my point a reality if it wasn’t for his attempts to try and fire Speer up during practice.

Seconds into the fight Koppenhaver lands a right and cuts Speer wide open. He takes Speer down and quickly takes his back. Speer is bleeding all over the mat and Koppenhaver spends the majority trying to sink in a rear naked choke. I could have sworn that I saw Speer tap out at one point. Members of Team Serra were even screaming it. However neither fighter nor referee Steve Mazzagatti acknowledged it. With just about two minutes left, Speer flips Koppenhaver over and spends the rest of the round pounding at him.

The second round was all Speer as he immediately took Koppenhaver down after a blocked kick and spent the rest of the time there. Koppenhaver did a better job of protecting himself in the second but he wasn’t able to get back to his feet.

The judges scored the bout 20-18 in favor of Speer. I personally thought that it should have gone to sudden death. How the judges could have scored the first round for Speer after he spent nearly three minutes barely hanging on is beyond me.


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