The Ultimate Fighter 6: Episode 7

The show starts off with a recap of last week’s controversial Ben Saunders-Dan Barrera fight. Matt Hughes is pissed to put it lightly. After throwing some verbal bombs at Barrera for not following directions and sticking to the game plan they had put together, he storms out of the room in anger.

Dana White finds Hughes sitting in the gym by himself and asks him what his problem is. Hughes explains that his fighters aren’t listening and aren’t even trying. Hughes says that he has no idea how to fix the problem. White recommends that he beat his fighters down in practice and that’s exactly what Hughes intends to do.

After attempting to fire his team up with a pep talk where he tells his guys that the only reason he is still on the show is because he has to be, Hughes puts his squad through a grueling practice. Hughes’ methods aren’t taken too kindly by Jared Rollins and Tommy Speer, who haven’t even fought yet. Mac Danzig says that Hughes should find an alternative way to release his anger. He says that he would expect Hughes to be angry at a veteran fighter like him but not a bunch of guys who only have 2-3 fights to their name.

It’s time to pick this week’s fight. Hughes says that Rollins wants to fight Sotiropoulos and that’s exactly what happens. Danzig considers both to be the 1-2 fighters below him in terms of overall talent. Rollins injures his ribs during practice and breaks down once he learns that it might be a serious injury. He goes to the hospital only to find out that his ribs are bruised.

Back at the house, George and Ben Saunders get into a constant argument about George not having the decency to wake the rest of his teammates up for practice and causing them to nearly be late. George tells Saunders that he should be able to take care of himself and that he’s not his mother. Saunders argues that George doesn’t care about the team and is only here for himself.

Both Rollins and George successfully weigh-in for the fight. A near scuffle resulted in an intense staredown between the two. The fight starts out at a slow pace. George is the only one throwing hands while Rollins is content to feel things out for the first minute of the fight. They scramble on the ground at one point and Rollins nearly gets an armbar but they quickly return to the feet. George starts picking Jared apart on the feet and eventually lands an uppercut that drops Rollins. George pounces on him and continues to pound away until it’s obvious that Jared has been put to sleep.

Next week will feature the final preliminary bout between Jon Koppenhaver and Tommy Speer.


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