The Ultimate Fighter 6: Episode 3

A lot of drama and a not-so-good fight describes the third episode of The Ultimate Fighter 6.

The show starts off with a recap of last week’s Price-Arroyo fight and then Bam! Joey Scarola wants to go home already again.

Serra tries to talk him out of it but nothing is working. His teammates give a shot. No go. Pete Sell tries his best but fails. Then the Dana stops by the house and offers some words of encouragement to Scarola. Ultimately it wasn’t enough as Scarola packed his bags and walked out of the house. Along with it he lost his job at Serra’s gym as well as his best friend. Oh well, it was his decision.

They show that Billy Miles is missing his family back home but nothing comes of it.

The fighters are allowed to watch UFC 72 from inside the house. Hughes comes over and brings food for his team. Serra brings nothing.

Eventually it was time to pick the next fight and Hughes decides to match up Billy Miles with John Kolosci. Apparently Kolosci has wanted to fight Miles since the start of the show.

Both fighters make weight and it’s fight time.

They poked away at each other with some jabs to start the bout. Everyone thought that Kolosci would want to stand with Miles but he goes ahead and shoots in for a takedown. Miles stuffs it for a moment but eventually ends up on his back. Kolosci throws some weak shots and Miles sweeps him, ending up on top. Miles just lays there and Kolosci sits up against the cage. During a scramble both try to stand up and Kolosci locks in a guillotine that forces Miles to tap out in about two seconds.

Next week looks like fun as Dorian Price flips out at the camera crew.


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