The Ultimate Fighter 6: Episode 2

I almost forgot that The Ultimate Fighter was on last night. Hopefully everyone else didn’t forget about the switch to Wednesday like me.

The show started out with a recap of Mac Danzig’s win over Joe Scarola last week. Scarola’s negative feelings about the house and being on the show are the focus of the episode. He goes back and forth concerning whether or not he should leave. He hasn’t left yet as of the end of this show.

Since he was eliminated from the competition, Serra is now using Scarola as a coach on his team, which works out since Scarola’s ground game is probably better than everyone else on Team Serra.

It’s kind of unfortunate that Scarola is on the show at all, let alone on Serra’s team. It just seems that Scarola is too much of a burden for Serra. Serra is obviously an emotional guy but he can’t be letting the actions of one person, no matter who it is, dictate whether or not he’s going to be there at practice for the team. Next week Dana White looks to be having a talk with Scarola from what was shown on the preview. It will be interesting to see what happens.

So Hughes gave everyone on his team Bibles to read a passage. A couple members of the team didn’t really care for it and didn’t read. Hughes’ was frank about it and let everyone know that it was optional. Of course once Serra heard about it he flipped out. I think Hughes did the right thing in making it optional but I still think that he should have run the idea by his fighters before whipping out the Bibles out of nowhere. I’m not going to dive deep into the whole religion debate because I respect the fact that people have different beliefs. Enough said.

It was Serra’s turn to pick the fight and he selected Matt Arroyo to take on Dorian Price.

Not sure if anyone else took note of this but Hughes made a huge mistake when he told Price, Lawler, Fiore, and company that Arroyo was a striker and that his striking was poor anyway. They were even laughing about it. In reality, Arroyo’s strength is his ground game. Interesting error on Hughes’ part.

As for the fight: They exchanged some strikes on the feet during the opening moments of the bout. Price connected flush with a jumping knee right on Arroyo’s jaw but Arroyo shook it off. Arroyo was able to take Price to the ground and then pounded on him until Price rolled to his back. Arroyo locked in a rear naked choke and Price tapped out.

Next week looks pretty crazy as everyone seems to get drunk as skunk while watching UFC 72.


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