The Ultimate Fighter 4 - Episode 9

The show starts off with a recap of last week’s fight between Patrick Cote and Jorge Rivera - Cote won by unanimous decision for those of who you forgot or maybe didn’t know up until his point. At a training session with Team Mojo the next day, UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Hughes shows up to train with the fighters. Georges St. Pierre immediately feels uncomfortable, probably because he is taking on Hughes for the title soon, and decides to leave the gym. Before he leave, he and Matt Hughes exchange some words with Hughes getting in a nice parting shot.

After the training session, Matt Serra talks down on Hughes, calling him a arrogant jock who he wouldn’t like to hang out with in public. The next day Dana White calls the fighters down to the UFC training center so he and the others can hear which fighters want to face whom. The results:

Travis Lutter - Anyone
Patrick Cote - Edwin DeWees
Edwin DeWees - Patrick Cote
Pete Sell - Travis Lutter

Matt Serra - Shonie Carter
Din Thomas - Chris Lytle
Chris Lytle - Anyone
Shonie Carter - Din Thomas

After much deliberation, Dana calls the fighters back into the traning center to announce the matchups for the semi-finals…

Welterweights - Matt Serra vs Shonie Carter; Chris Lytle vs Din Thomas
Middleweights - Pete Sell vs Travis Lutter; Patrick Cote vs Edwin DeWees

Hughes then takes all of the fighters out to dinner. At dinner, Hughes calls out St. Pierre for avoiding him all day. Din tells St. Pierre to kick Hughes’ ass when he fights him and Hughes actually hears what Din has said. Hughes then verbally takes it to Din for a little while. Back in the car, Serra rags on Hughes, saying that he shouldn’t like that just because he has the belt.

Lytle and Thomas will be tonight’s fight. The two weigh-in just fine and head to the octagon. The first round starts off very slowly as each fighter is content to just stand there and measure the other up. Lytle misses with a right hook, allowing Thomas to go for a takedown that ends up being reversed by Lytle. The referee stands the two up and Lytle continues to push the pace, landing a couple of shots while the two are standing. Lytle takes Din down against the cage but Din gets Lytle in a guillotine. Lytle is able to power his way out of it and the two finish the round on their feet. Many of the fighters think that this round actually went for six minutes instead of five because of an error in the time keeping…

Round two begins and Lytle comes out very aggressive - Lytle lands a number of strikes, convincing Thomas that standing up is the best thing for him right now as Din goes for a takedown. Lytle however reverses the takedown once again and lands on top of Din. Lytle is able to land a couple of punches from the top position and sneaks out of multiple submission attempts from Din. The referee stands them up again and Lytle continues to control the stand-up game until the rounds ends.

Lytle starts off the third round just as he did the last one - pushing a heavy pace. Din is finally able to take Lytle down but his time in top position doesn’t last long as Lytle gets him in a guillotine and then rolls him over on his back. Din works his way out of it and pulls guard - Lytle lands a few more punches on the ground but his work isn’t enough as the two are stood back up once again. Both fighters look extremely fatigued. They trade strikes standing for the much of the rest of the round - Each fighter also gets a takedown before the horn sounds.

Chris Lytle is announces the winner by unanimous decision and moves on to the finals…

My thoughts: I’ve never left any thoughts on the show besides a few little ones hidden in my reviews before but for some reason this show has compelled me to do so. Matt Serra - I love you as a fighter, but the attitude needs to go buddy. Every show we constantly hear about the negative side of people - about how every fighter that comes in here and helps out with the training has a problem. Jealous much of Franklin, Hughes, and St. Pierre? It certainly seems that way.

There’s no reason to refer to Matt Hughes as a “penis”. Maybe a little growing up is in order? Hughes had every right to confront St. Pierre like he did. Christ, if you watched past UFC events, you would think that Hughes and St. Pierre are the best of friends. St. Pierre always had an amazing amount of respect for Hughes. Sure, he called him out on the microphone several times but it was always in a joking and respectful manner.

Now since St. Pierre finally has his title shot, it’s like he’s turned to the dark side. Maybe it’s Dana turning him into a heel to build the hype for their fight in November? Who knows? However, Hughes did the right thing in asking St. Pierre why he has changed and why he’s avoiding him like the plague. Wouldn’t you do the same if Pete Sell or someone who you had a decent relationship with was acting like that towards you Matt?


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