The Ultimate Fighter 4 - Episode 7


The show starts off with a recap of the Pete Sell-Charles McCarthy fight. Everyone was in agreement that Sell won the fight by unanimous decision. Dana White now says that Matt Serra and Pete Spratt will be the last welterweight fight before the semi-finals begin. Rich Franklin joins both teams for another training session. He says that he will show the fighters some stuff but he is not going to show the middleweights everything since he will probably be fighting one of them in the near future.

Franklin also talks about how hard it is to train with the fighters being that his hand is still injured and that a lot of the fighters still have staph infections. Jorge Rivera says that having Franklin here is a waste because he doesn’t really train with the guys and barely offers any advice. He honestly believes that he came onto the show to scout out his future opponents. (It’s also possible that Rivera feels that way being that Franklin has previously defeated him.)

Later that night, Sell decides to celebrate his victory over McCarthy by having a few drinks. Serra comments on how Sell likes to drink as hard as he trains sometimes. A few drinks turn into a lot and Sell ends up passing out in bed. Scott Smith sprinkles water on Sell while he is in bed, making Sell believe that someone sneezed on him whille he was sleeping.

At the next day’s training session, Franklin comments on how the fighters are barely doing anything at all and moving very slow throught their routines. Serra speaks up and says that he is annoyed with Franklin’s attitude and the fact that he doesn’t even train with any of the fighters. Dana chimes in and says that the fighters shouldn’t be worried about Franklin’s attitude and should be attempting to learn as much as they can with Rich while the opportunity is available.

While Serra is training with Patrick Cote, Franklin walks over and gives Serra some advice, telling him to drop down to a knee after touching gloves to begin the fight. Serra takes the advice as a complete joke and makes a big deal about it with the other fighters. Franklin says that he only gave him the advice because he already stated that he didn’t want to stand with Spratt and also because it’s never been done before. (I think it’s actually decent advice, considering that Spratt is not permitted to knee a downed opponent under the rules.) Franklin gets ready to leave the training center to head back home and says that none of the fighters here will become champion will he has the belt.

Back at the house, the fighters try to annoy McCarthy, making fun of him for asking Franklin about the advice to Serra and drawing a ‘Captain Miserable’ cartoon and placing it out in the open for him to see. Dana White goes over Matt Serra’s past UFC history and the two fighters head to the training center during the day of the fight. (There’s no need for Dana to go over Spratt’s again since it already done earlier in the series)

The fight starts and Serra quickly goes to take down Spratt. Spratt is able to avoid the attempt and nails Serra flush with a punch. Serra throws a high kick that Spratt is able to block. Spratt goes for a knee but ends up getting taken down by Serra in the process. Serra works on the ground, gets a full mount, and starts raining down bombs on Spratt’s face and head. Spratt turns around on his stomach but continues to receive a beating from Serra, forcing him to tap out.



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