The Ultimate Fighter 4 - Episode 6

The show starts with the fighters analyzing last week’s fight between Mikey Burnett and Din Thomas. Some of the fighters say that they are surprised that Burnett tapped so quickly and that they thought he had passed out. Team No Love discusses strategies and decide that Pete Sell should fight Charles McCarthy and Jorge Rivera should take on Patrick Cote. Jorge voices his displeasure since he wanted to be the one to step into the octagon with Sell.

McCarthy is then shown whining about Burnett’s loss. The fighters are then shown talking about how miserable McCarthy is all of the time - They also nickname him ‘Captain Miserable’. Back at the house, McCarthy finds that someone has written the word ‘personality’ on his request list. McCarthy checks the other fighters’ lists for matching and handwriting and is convinced that it was Sell. He confronts Sell who denies doing it and then becomes upset that he is being accused. Later on, Shonie admits to being the one who wrote on McCarthy’s list.

Randy Couture comes to the house and informs Jorge that his wife just gave birth to his new baby daughter. Randy gives Jorge a phone so he can see photos and video of his new daughter. The fighters are called to the gym where they learn that Rich Franklin will be one of the trainers for the next week. It is announced that Pete Sell will be taking on Charles McCarthy in this week’s fight.

They go over the UFC history of the two fighters - McCarthy lost to David Loiseau by TKO at UFC 53; Sell submitted Phil Baroni at UFC 51 and was knocked out by Nate Quarry at UFN 1. The fight begins with the two deciding to keep things standing and each trading a good number of punches. They go into the clinch and Sell is able to take McCarthy down. McCarthy tries to reverse his position and attempts a leg lock but Sell is able to get out of it and start pounding McCarthy. McCarthy is eventually able to get back up to his feet only to be quickly taken down again by Sell. The rounds ends with Sell raining down punches on McCarthy.

Round two begins and the two fighters quickly clinch. Sell gets McCarthy in a guillotine but McCarthy is able to get out of it and gain top position. McCarthy throws some punches and elbows from the top as Sell is not able to get out from the bottom. McCarthy continues to lay on Sell and throw the occasional punch or elbow until the round ends. Dana White checks with the judges and it is determined that there will be a sudden victory round three.

The third rounds begins similar to the first as both fighters are content to stand and trade punches. Sell takes McCarthy down and lands some solid elbows. McCarthy struggles to get up on his feet but is unable to get free from Sell. McCarthy attempts an arm bar with under a minute left but is unable to submit Sell. Sell is announced as the winner by unanimous decision. After the fight, McCarthy states that he believes he tore his ACL in the first round.


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