The Ultimate Fighter 4 - Episode 5

The show starts off with the fighters discussing Scott Smith’s loss to Travis Lutter. Many of the trainers and other fighters comment on how the fight was such a bad matchup for Smith. Rich Clementi feels that Matt Serra pressured Smith into fighting so that Serra’s friend Pete Sell didn’t have to. Team No Love has the opportunity to select who are the next two fighters to battle as well as the replacement for Jeremy Jackson.

Back at the house, Shonie Carter starts throwing empty water bottles into the pool, saying that he is going to make a raft out of them once he collects enough. Many of the fighters are annoyed with this and voice their feelings. The next morning, Rich goes to swim in the pool and throws all of the water bottles out of the water as well, saying that does not want to look like white trash while swimming.

The fighters are called to the gym and Randy Couture informs Team No Love that they have 24 hours to select Jackson’s replacement. They have a coin toss to see who will replace Jeremy between Rich and Pete Spratt. Rich loses the coin toss to Spratt. Back at the house, Spratt questions whether or not he should fight and tells Jorge Rivera that he might want Rich to take his place.

Shonie goes into the pool at 3:15 in the morning and starts making loud noises. Mikey Burnett comes out and confronts Shonie, who agrees to stop for the night. Burnett comments on how hard it is to live with Shonie and that he can’t put up with his antics for much longer. The next morning, the fighters wake up to find that all of the water bottles have been thrown back into the pool.

Jorge and Rich come to Din Thomas and ask him to talk to Shonie about his behavior. Thomas goes to talk to him and Shonie says that he really doesn’t care about what they think. Jorge demands that Shonie take all of the water bottles out of the pool and Shonie agrees to do it. Rich offers Spratt money to be able to fight for him but Spratt turns down the offer.

The fighters go back to the training center where it is revealed to everyone that Spratt will be Jackson’s replacement. Later that night, Shonie is successful in building his raft. The fighters once again go to the training center where Spratt announces the fight. He first says that he will be fighting Matt Serra but not this week, saying afterwards that Din Thomas will fight Mikey Burnett. Thomas is upset that he has been selected because everyone knows that he is sick with a staph infection.

They go over the fighters UFC histories before the fight begins. The fight starts out slow with both fighters throwing soft jabs and measuring each other up. Burnett throws a right cross but misses wide, allowing Thomas to take him down even though Burnett ends up on top. Thomas tries for a triangle but Burnett is able to get out of it and both fighters stand back up.

Burnett connects with a nice leg kick just before Thomas lands a quick right cross. Burnett swings wildy in response, only to be taken down by Thomas again. Thomas pulls guard and immediately secures a triangle choke, forcing Burnett to quickly tap out.


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