The Ultimate Fighter 4 - Episode 11

The show begins with the annual recap of the previous episode’s fight - Shonie Carter vs Matt Serra in which Serra pulled out a unanimous decision victory in a hard-fought battle. Tonight will be the first middleweight semi-final, pitting Travis Lutter against Pete Sell.

Back at the house, a few of the fighters are bored and decide that they want to try and run through the wall using a football helmet and pads. Pete Spratt finds a soft spot in the wall and Mikey Burnett is the first to volunteer and try it. Instead of wearing the football equipment, Burnett wears a mouthpiece and swimming goggles, failing to break through the wall on four different attempts.

Later that night, the fighters gather around the TV to watch The Ultimate Fighter 3 Season Finale to see Kendall Grove and Michael Bisping come away with the respective titles for their weight class. The next day, the fighters survey the damage done to the wall and to Mikey from his little stunt yesterday. Mikey explains that he could have broken the wall if there was more room in the house allowing him to get a better burst of speed.

Lutter and Sell both make weight at the weigh-ins. Both Randy Couture and Dana White talk about the fight, banging home the point that it was a bad decision for Sell to pick Lutter to face in the semi-finals and that he will probably lose because of it.

At Team Mojo’s training session the next day, Sell works with Chuck Liddell in prepartion for his fight. Gideon Ray confronts Charles McCarthy at the house because of all the soy milk is gone and McCarthy quickly apologizes. There is also a spur of the moment food/object war throughout the house that is started by none other than Shonie.

The next morning it is shown that Travis Lutter has no one to train with for this fight - His team has basically abandoned him and never accompanies him to any of his runs or workouts. Mark DellaGrotte instead helps Travis prepare for the fight at the gym. After a little mini-preview of the fight courtesy of both participants, it’s time to get it on.

The first round begins with both fighters content to remain standing, throwing jabs to create distance and size each other up. Travis goes for the clinch early, pushes Sell up against the cage, and then takes him down with relative ease. Travis gets into a side mount and throws some rib shots to Sell. Sell tries many times but he is unable to get out from the bottom no matter what he tries to do. Travis tries an armbar but Sell is able to slip out of it. The rest of the round has Travis staying on top and slowing down the pace even though there isn’t much action at all.

The second round starts with Sell landing a few nice punches on Travis. Travis starts to get angry and takes Sell down once again. Travis stays busy during this round, landing a number of punches and elbows. Travis attempts an armbar once again but Sell is able to get out of the submission rather quickly. The remainder of the round consists of Travis controlling from the top and keeping busy.

It’s time for the final round. It begins and within the first five seconds maybe, Lutter takes Sell down once again. The two fighters don’t really keep busy and Big John McCarthy stands them both up. Travis goes for a takedown again and nearly gets caught by Sell’s guillotine, one that has tapped out Phil Baroni if I can remember correctly. The rest of the round is all Travis as he moves to different positions and continues landing punches and elbows until the end of the round.

Your obvious winner - Travis Lutter by unanimous decision…


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