The Term “MMA” Was Used Back in 1993

How the term "mixed martial arts" has come about has been a source of debate for years now.

Kirik tells us:

There are accounts that the term Mixed Martial Arts was used in Japanese Puroresu in the 70s, but there is no hard evidence to support that. Wikipedia says name mixed martial arts was coined by Rick Blume, president and CEO of Battlecade, in September 18, 1995. In the biography 'Let's Get it On', Loretta Hunt names John McCarthy as the source, with former Olympic Gold Medalist and UFC Commentator Jeff Blatnick  as the co-creator. 

Now thanks to a random find by a member of the UG, it looks like an article about UFC 1 written by heralded LA Times reporter Howard Rosenberg nearly 20 years ago may be the source of the earliest documented usage of the term:

St. Louis cruiserweight boxer Art Jimmerson didn't get to throw even one punch before giving up. He was swiftly taken down and dispatched with a chokehold by jujitsu master Royce Gracie, whose family is synonymous with the sport in their native Brazil, where mixed-martial arts championships like this one are commonplace.



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