The Sky’s the Limit

‘The Ultimate Fighter’ season two champion Rashad Evans will face his toughest test yet September 23rd when he takes on fellow light heavyweight contender Jason Lambert. Evans is currently 13-0 and he has yet to face defeat in his young MMA career.

“Lambert is a hard worker, a blue collar fighter,” he said. “He’s gonna give you 150% every single time, and the thing about him is that he’s good in all areas but there’s not one thing where you can say, wow, he has amazing standup or an amazing ground game. He pushes the pace, works hard on his opponent, and I think his biggest attribute is that he has a huge heart. He’s my kind of fighter.”

“Providing everything goes well with this fight, I see myself right around the corner from fighting those elite guys,” he said. “These statuses are given by people on the outside, but for me, a fighter is a fighter. I don’t care if it’s Tito Ortiz, Chuck Liddell, Forrest Griffin, or whoever. He has to get in the ring with me, and that’s it – I don’t really care about the elite status or what not; that’s a title given to them by people. If they choose to buy into that and think ‘Rashad’s not an elite fighter and I should beat him,’ that would be their mistake.”

“The sky’s the limit for me and people can put restrictions on what I can and can’t do – that’s fine because they’ve been saying it forever in one way or another.


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