The Jento Baby Confirmation

That’s what you do with celeb couples, merge the names, right?  No?  Not here?  Oh well, either way, Jenna Jameson confirmed she’s pregnant to US Magazine.

“Yes, I can confirm I’m pregnant. It’s still early, so I’m being cautious. I’m resting as much as possible,” she tells exclusively. “I’m so happy!”

She adds that she and boyfriend of two years, mixed martial arts fighter Tito Ortiz, “are still in a state of shock.

“I’m just saying super healthy,” she says. “I’ve moved down to the beach with Tito — I love being by the beach.”

Fetuses everywhere are lining up to go visit that kid’s mom’s house in 12 years only to wind up being scared off by dad’s negotiating tactics when trying to fight them.


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