The Future of Chute Boxe Looks Bright

Rudimar Fedrigo. Photo courtesy of Tatame Magazine.

What was one of MMA’s most-feared camps is now a shade of its former self after the departures of the Rua brothers and Wanderlei Silva among others. However despite the lack of drawing power to his gym, Chute Boxe headmaster Rudimar Fedrigo promises that his creation is thriving and will be producing world champions once again in the near future:

“The Chute Boxe is a great school, which has an excellent list of technicians, and it’s structured well,” Fedrigo said. “You can be sure that it’s going to continue solid in the market. I don’t have any doubts about that. We have our own production of good athletes—forming champions—and we are going to continue doing that.”

Despite the flight of established stars, Fedrigo promised new Chute Boxe blood would arrive on the professional MMA scene soon. His track record gives him reason for optimism.

“The name of a gym like ours can even go through a crisis, but the one that has a name like we do, can get through this kind of crisis more easily,” said Fedrigo, who opened the academy 31 years ago. “Soon, we are going to present new names. We’re absolutely right that we’re going to make great champions.”

Personally, I can’t help but hope that Fedrigo is right. Just look at his track record. He’s developed a literal who’s who of stars in MMA - Silva, the Rua’s, Anderson Silva, Fabricio Werdum, and Gabriel Gonzaga for starters. Having one of MMA’s best trainers still wanting to work at his craft despite losing his top students is nothing but good for the sport.


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