The Comeback Trail

After losing three straight fights in the UFC, Justin Eilers is making a serious run at rebuilding his name in the heavyweight division. Eilers is currently on a three fight winning streak and he’ll be looking to make it four come Saturday night.

“Yeah, I’m feeling pretty good right now and my training is going good and I’m a 100% healthy,” said Eilers to MMAWeekly just before heading to Denver. My confidence is back up; I’ve got three wins in a row and am feeling pretty good. I’m just looking to keep that streak going.”

“I was planning on fighting Pat Smith but supposedly he got knocked out [in a boxing match], so he’s going to be on suspension or something,” said a somewhat dejected Eilers. “So I’m fighting a replacement [Wade Hamilton]. I don’t know much about him but I am in pretty good shape and feel ready to go, so I feel pretty confident.”

Justin continued, “I was looking forward to fighting Pat Smith. He’s got a name and anyone who’s got a name – I want to fight them. It’s part of the game though, I’ve faced it before, you always have these late replacements so you have to deal with it. It’s going to be another win for me, that’s the way I’m looking at it…whoever it is I’m going to beat them.”

“I’m just trying to fight every month,” commented Justin. “I’m trying to fight as often as possible. After this fight I’m fighting October 12 [in the WEC] and then again in early November. I’m just trying to get as many fights in as I can so I can stay constantly at a ready level.”


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