The Andrei Arlovski Saga Continues

The saga continues…

Over the weekend former UFC Heavyweight Champion Andrei Arlovski was one of the many fighters from a wealth of organizations that attended HDNet Fights: Reckless Abandon. The only sure-fire thing that the press was able to get out of Arlovski is it seems that he will be fighting “very” soon.

MMA Weekly passed along a report yesterday where sources were cited to have confirmed Arlovski is planning on waiting out the remainder of his contract with the UFC in order to go ahead and fight in other organizations.

Well according to Arlovski’s agent, Leo Khorlinsky, that’s not true:

“We have a great working relationship with the UFC and are waiting for Andrei’s next fight there,” said Khorlinsky. “Any news otherwise is false and negligent. There is no ‘source’ that could accurately make this claim. At no point in time did Andrei or any of his representatives make this claim. Andrei is very upset to hear that these lies about him were reported.”

Khorlinsky also told The Fight Network that Arlovski was offered fight for November and March but that both of his potential opponents turned down the fights. There was also no indication given that Arlovski would be fighting in the Octagon through his next bout.

Basically we’ve found out nothing new is what I’m trying to say and it’s probably going to continue that way until the UFC finally announces an official fight that includes Arlovski or Arlovski is signed by another organization. And to think that I thought Arlovski was going to fight the winner of Couture and Gonzaga…


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