Tapout’s Portrayal of Dan Lauzon Was Wrong

Dan Lauzon. Photo courtesy of World Championship Fighting.

First off, let me preface what I’m about to say: I’ve never met Dan or Joe Lauzon so this isn’t coming from some personal agenda or anything like that. I’m also not trying to bash anybody. I could be completely wrong with what I’m about to rant on but after watching last night’s Tapout episode, does anyone else think that their portrayal of Dan and his camp was pretty distasteful? I know that I do.

I’ve enjoyed all of Tapout’s past episodes, but not last night’s, it struck me the wrong way. The biggest thing was how the producers of the show made Lauzon’s trainers/partners come off as if they weren’t worthy to be instructing and helping Dan. This is the same gym that his older brother Joe and many other solid fighters have come out of over the past few years if I’m not mistaken, so why create the image of it being inferior?

I’m not sure if there’s some kind of connection between Tapout and Sityodong because they are on good terms with the UFC and whatever, but making them out to be the better place to train by light years isn’t very fair in my opinion. The constant berating of Dan’s camp during the off-camera interviews was unnecessary. I know that Mask and company probably don’t have that much say in terms of production, but you have to remember that Mask said what he said during the episode. If he disagreed with it, he could have spoken up.

All of the other Tapout shows have shown the fighters in a relatively positive light. The only negative portrayal that I can think of off the top of my head would be Sherron Leggett when he was training in his backyard instead of driving up to Dave Strasser’s gym, which is understandable. Matt Major’s problematic temper and Scott Epstein’s lackadaisical approach to fighting may also qualify, but to be honest, they made it seem as if Dan was out of touch in terms of his training when that wasn’t really the case at all.

The way the show usually works is the Tapout crew will come out and meet the fighter they are looking to sponsor a couple of days before they are scheduled to fight, right? So why all the fuss about Dan rolling around with other fighters that are training at his gym instead of putting in a hard workout? Don’t they know that one is supposed to take it easy the week of their fight?

The youngest fighter to ever compete in the UFC. Yet it makes me wonder why they did such a horrible job with the show. In any event, Dan is now riding a six-fight winning streak so hopefully he’ll get another shot in the UFC soon.


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