Baltimore Sun Interviews Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar knocks Frank Mir down with a right hand at UFC 81: Breaking Point. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Brock Lesnar is about to face Heath Herring at UFC 87 and there’s a good Q & A in the Baltimore Sun. Here’s a little piece of the interview:

MMA Stomping Grounds: What was your reaction when Coleman had to pull out of UFC 87?

Lesnar:  After looking at Mark, I respect Mark a lot but it worked out for the better. Mark, I believe, is over the hill and had been out of the league and regardless of the injured knee, I don’t think it would’ve made a difference.

MMA Stomping Grounds: What did you think when they proposed Herring instead?

Lesnar: Heath is a younger guy, he definitely has a lot of experience and he’s a tough SOB. He’s a brawler and brings to the plate a whole variety of things that we’re looking at as a fighter. He’s well rounded with hands, feet and it’s a challenge for me, and I accepted the challenge when Mark pulled out. I’m looking at this fight where I’ve got a lot to gain and he has a lot to lose.
My back is against the wall in this fight too, because I said from the beginning I wanted to fight credible opponents and that’s what Dana is handing me in Frank Mir and Heath Herring.


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