Strikeforce: Shamrock vs Baroni Live Blog

Tonight we will be going live at 10 PM EST, covering Strikeforce: Shamrock vs. Baroni with one of our patented live blogs. Be sure to leave some comments throughout the night…

Strikeforce/EliteXC: Shamrock vs. Baroni

Main Card:

Frank Shamrock vs. Phil Baroni
Murilo Rua vs. Joey Villasenor
Paul Buentello vs. Carter Williams
Cung Le vs. Tony Fryklund
Victor Valenzuela vs. Edson Berto
Paul Daley vs. Duane Ludwig (swing bout)
Josh Thomson vs. Nick Gonzalez (swing bout)

We are live…

- Up first is Victor Valenzuela vs. Edson Berto. Edson Berto is filling in for Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett who was forced to drop the fight when he ran into some legal issues.

Victor Valenzuela vs. Edson Berto

- Mario Yamasaki the referee in charge of the action.

- Rather tame staredown.

Round 1:

The fight begins with a glove touch. Berto comes out with a high body kick followed by an excellent takedown. Immediately Berto works to pass Valenzuela’s guard and then he decides to drop for a heel hook. After a little attempt at defending Berto forces Valenzuela to tap.

Edson Berto - Winner Submission (Ankle Lock)

- Berto very happy afterwards as Bill Goldberg enters the cage to interview Edson “Little Tiger” Berto. Berto states that his plan was to shoot and take him down early due to Valenzuela being an excellent boxer.

- Up next is a bout between heavy handed strikers Paul “The Headhunter” Buentello and K-1 kickboxer Carter Williams.

Paul Buentello vs. Carter Williams

- Coming out first is Paul “The Headhunter” Buentello. He gains a very strong reaction from the San Jose crowd.

- Introducing K-1 kickboxer Carter Williams is Zone 4 recording artist “Rich Boy”. Shortly after Carter Williams comes walking out to “Rich Boys” live performance.

- Steve Mazzagatti the referee.

Round 1:

The fight begins with a glove touch. Buentello comes out with a hard combo early. Williams shoots in and gains the clinch. Williams gets the takedown and lands two hard rights. They return to the feet and Williams begins to work for the takedown again. Knee to the body from Williams as they clinch. Buentello reverses him and pins him up against the cage. Buentello lands a knee in close as they continue to clinch. Williams almost secures another takedown but Buentello lands a nice knee from the clinch. Buentello gets double underhooks and lands a beautiful knee. They are separated. Nice jab by Buentello followed by and uppercut. Williams throws a low kick and then shoots in. Buentello stuffs in and begins to work for a guillotine. Buentello lands two nice knees as Williams clinches. Foot stomps from Buentello and then he attempts to sweep him. Buentello start to throw along the cage mixing in punches and knees. They are separated and then they resumes action right away with Buentello throwing a right and then clinching. Uppercut from Buentello followed by a knee. Williams responds with an uppercut as they clinch again along the cage. Double underhooks by Buentello as he lands two beautiful knees. Jab from Williams, Buentello moves forward with a right and then he clinches. Double underhooks by Buentello as Williams breaks free with some nice punches. The round ends with Williams landing a nice right hand along the cage.

Round 2:

The second round begins with Buentello throwing a jab. He rocks Williams and then followed it up with two hard uppercuts. Williams immediately falls backwards holding his face. Buentello goes to attack but referee Steve Mazzagatti steps in and calls a halt to the fight.

Paul Buentello - Winner KO

- Bill Goldberg enters the cage to interview “The Headhunter” Paul Buentello. Buentello stated that he had no clue that Williams was going to shoot in and take him to the canvas.

- Up next is Murilo Rua vs. Joey Villasenor for the EliteXC middlweight title.

Murilo Rua vs. Joey Villasenor

- Coming out first is Chute Boxe fighter Murilo “Ninja” Rua.

- Out next is Team Jackson fighter Joey Villasenor. UFC light heavyweight Keith Jardine is gracing the corner of Villasenor.

- Both fighters respectful during the staredown.

Round 1:

Both fighters come out quick sizing each other up in the middle of the cage. Rua lands a shot kick to the body. Villasenor responds with a high kick that is blocked. Villasenor then throws a right that looks to rock Rua. Villasenor attacks but Rua takes the fight to the canvas. Villasenor reverses Rua and begins to work from the top. Villasenor lands some beautiful rights from the top after a failed guillotine attempt. Rua doing an excellent job of scrambling as he goes for a leg lock. They return to the feet. Rua moving forward with some wild combos. Villasenor thens goes for the takedown and Rua reverses it gaining top position. Rua beings to work from half guard before he moves to side control. Rua raining down punches from side control. Rua gets knee on belly before moving off. Rua smothering Villasenor as he continues to throw lefts. Villasenor scrambles and returns to his feet. Both fighters trading bombs on the feet and then Rua shoots in again and takes the fight to the canvas. Rua working from the half guard as he begins to work for a kimura. Rua tries cranking it but Villasenor rolls. Rua gains mount momentarily and then they return to the feet. The round ends with both fighters throwing some punches.

- Someone tell Glazer that Murilo’s nickname is NOT “Shogun”.

Round 2:

Rua comes out immediately with a flying knee. Villasenor responds with a kick. Good right from Villasenor, Ninja responds wtih a right of his own follwed by a knee. Both fighters exchanging, Villasenor eating some big hard rights. Rua beginning to get confident. Huge right from Rua, Villasenor falls back and is out. Rua attempts to pounce but the referee steps in and calls the fight.

Murilo Rua - Winner KO

- Glazer take note, the fighter two just entered the cage fully clothed is “Shogun” Rua, not the one you just watched fight for the last six minutes.

- Rua very emotional after the fight when he is announced as the new EliteXC middleweight champion.

- Gary Shaw enters the cage and thanks everyone in attendance. They present Rua with the EliteXC middleweight belt.

- Up next is Josh Thomson vs. Nick Gonzalez.

Josh Thomson vs. Nick Gonzalez

- Coming out first is Nick “The Ghost” Gonzalez.

- Coming out next is UFC veteran and San Jose, California native Josh “The Punk” Thomson. Thomson garners a solid reaction from the crowd.

- Herb Dean the referee in charge of the action.

Round 1:

The fight begins with a glove touch. Gonzalez flicking out the jab and then Thomson goes for a high kick followed by a superman punch. Thomson then shoots in and takes Gonzalez to the canvas. He quickly transitions to Gonzalez’s back and begins to work for the rear naked choke. Gonzalez almost reverses Thomson but fails. Thomson sinks in both hooks and then works to latch on the choke. Thomson sinks it in deep and begins to apply serious pressure. Gonzalez cannot escape and he is forced to tap out.

Josh Thomson - Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

- Glazer providing excellent insight “Just get choked out, don’t tap, it doesn’t hurt, just let them choke you out.” Get this jackass out of the booth.

- Up next is Cung Le vs. Tony Fryklund.

Cung Le vs. Tony Fryklund

- Coming out first the MFS member Tony “The Freak” Fryklund. Sporting a black gi, Fryklund slowly makes his way down the walkway and into the cage.

- Out next is crowd favorite Cung Le. The crowd goes wild as Le makes his way out sporting a yellow robe.

- Herb Dean is the referee.

Round 1:

The fight begins with a glove touch. Le begins to work his kicks missing with both. Fryklund lands a low kick and Le responds with an axe kick. Le throwing numerous high kicks. Low kick from Fryklund answer by Le. Body kicks from Le. Side kick to the body from Le. Le moves forward with a three shot combo that Fryklund does a good job of defending. Body kick followed by a high kick by Le. Fryklund throwing the low kicks. Le throws an uppercut. Side kick by Le. Fryklund stalking him and then he misses with a spinning backfist. Spinning back kick by Le that misses. Fryklund attempts to clinch but Le escapes it. Le throws two straight punches. Fryklund takes a big shot and hits the canvas. Fryklund stands back up and eats a kick. Fryklund stays on his feet, Lee looking to finish. Uppercut from Le. Side kick to the body of Fryklund. Fryklund with a low kick. Le fires off a high kick and then a spinning heel kick to the head. Fryklund misses with a few punches. Fryklund eats another right. Spinning heel kick again that catches Fryklund’s head. Fryklund eats a spinning back kick to the body. Side kick from Cung Le. Body kick from Le followed by a right high kick. Fryklund attempts another spinning backfist that misses and then he throws a punch as the round ends.

Round 2:

The round begins with a glove touch. Side kick to the body from Le. Fryklund moving forward as he eats a right. Fryklund blocking Le’s high kicks. Fryklund attempts to shoot but Le stuffs the shot. Le moves in with a combo that is blocked and he closes it out with a body kick. Fryklund with a low kick. Fryklund moving foward with some sloppy punches. Straight punches from Fryklund. Le lands a knee followed by a right. Fryklund throws a body kick that is block. Spinning back kick to the ribs of Tony Fryklund. Low kick from Le. Excellent low kick from Le followed by a grazing high kick. Low kick from Fryklund followed by a right that just misses. Hard punch to the body from Le. Fryklund moving forward with a flurry, Le avoiding most. Great body kick from Le. Fryklund missing with the spinning backfist. Body kick from Le. Low kick from Fryklund. Good right hand from Le. Fryklund backs away and then resets his stance. Le misses with a spinning kick. Fryklund eats a knee but continues to move forward. Fryklund gets Le up against the cage and unleashes a good flurry. Excellent low kicks from Le. Fryklund continuing to move forward with flurries. Spinning backfist by Le. Round ends with a straight.

- They show Phil Baroni in his room as he stands in the mirror looking at his hair.

Round 3:

The third round resumes with Le throwing some kicks. Body kick that hurts Fryklund, he is hunched over and Le attacks landing punches that send Fryklund to the canvas. The fight is stopped.

Cung Le - Winner TKO

- Up next is the highly anticipated main event between Frank Shamrock and Phil Baroni. The war of words ends here and a new war is about to begin in the cage.

Frank Shamrock vs. Phil Baroni

- Coming out first is “The New York Badass” Phil Baroni as he sports his red robe and dances on his way down the ramp. Mark Coleman and Sean Tompkins in Baroni’s corner.

- Shamrock comes out next sporting a San Jose Sharks jersey, the crowd goes wild. Maurice Smith in Shamrock’s corner. Glazer states that before the fight Shamrock made his way to the announcing booth and told them he had a torn ACL and MCL and he wouldn’t be able to shoot.

- Steve Mazzagatti is the referee in charge of the bout. Oh and I forgot to mention it earlier but Mazzagatti shaved off his porn stache.

- Baroni bouncing around in his corner with a smile on his face.

- Crowd boos Baroni during his introduction but he looks excited and ready for a war.

- Introduced next is the former King of Pancrase and former UFC middleweight champion Frank Shamrock, crowd goes wild.

- They meet in the middle for an intense staredown.

Round 1:

The fight begins with Baroni coming out and throwing a right immediately. Shamrock clinches and begins to throw knees and Baroni pounds rights into his body. They begin to slug with Baroni firing off rights and Shamrock with kicks. Baroni takes Shamrock down and then returns to his feet. Baroni eats two huge rights. Baroni throws a right and then eats two huge bombs that send him to the canvas. Baroni is in serious trouble. Shamrock goes for the guillotine and then gains top position. The fight is stopped and Shamrock loses a point for throwing shots to the back of the head. Baroni is rocked. The fight resumes with Baroni throwing a right and eating a knee from Shamrock before taking the fight down. Shamrock throwing good punches from the bottom. Baroni lands some good punches from the top. Shamrock landing from the bottom. Left hand from Baroni. He stands up. Left from Baroni. Shamrock throws and overhand right that tags Baroni and then he tries a single leg. Shamrock begins to pound away on Baroni’s body. Shamrock raining down bombs. They return to the feet. Straight jab from Shamrock followed by a knee. Baroni eats another bomb. Shamrock teeing off with punches as knees. Baroni responds with a right. Shamrock goes to the body and then throws a knee. Baroni with a series of uppercuts. Good jabs from Shamrock. Low kick from Sahmrock. Another hard combo from Shamrock. Shamrock landing vicious left and rights to the face of Baroni. Baroni secures the takedown as Shamrock works from the bottom. Baroni staggers to his corner in rough shape.

Round 2:

The second begins with Baroni landing a beautiful overhand right. Shamrock knees to the body. Excellent left from Baroni. Shamrock misses with a combo. Good straight right from Shamrock. Baroni misses with a left hook. Shamrock with a straight that is answered by a left from Baroni. Both fighters with straight jabs. Knees from Shamrock. Low kick from Shamrock. Baroni just misses with an overhand right. Baroni goes to the body. Baroni eats some more hard lefts and rights followed by knees. Baroni with a beautiful left to the body. Shamrock with some excellent straight punches. Both fighters land straights. Left from Baroni. Good straight from Baroni. Shamrock answers with a hard low kick. Hard right hand from Baroni. They are slugging. Another hard right from Baroni. Straight punches from both fighters. Baroni is rocked after eating two hard straight punches. Baroni shoots in again. Shamrock stuffs it and throws some hammerfists to the head of Baroni. Shamrock transitions to Baronis back looking for the rear naked choke. Shamrock is able to choke Baroni out cold. Shamrock raises himself from the canvas and begins to salute the crowd as they go absolutely wild.

Frank Shamrock - Winner Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

- Baroni goes to Shamrock’s corner and congratulates he before walking out of the cage and into the backroom. The crowd boos as Baroni leave the building.

- Shamrock looks to be in rough shape while sitting in his corner. Jimmy Lennon Jr. declares Shamrock the winner as he rises from his stool and salutes the San Jose crowd.

- Goldberg enters the ring to interview Shamrock. Shamrock states that he blew his ACL and MCL about two weeks ago but he wouldn’t pull out and let down the San Jose crowd or his sport.

- Up next is one of the swing bouts featuring Paul Daley vs. Duane Ludwig.

Paul Daley vs. Duane Ludwig

- The current Cage Rage lightweight champion Paul Daley is the first fighter to make his way to the octagon. Daley is sporting a black Renegade Fight Gear sweater.

- Out next is Duane “Bang” Ludwig walking to the theme from Karate Kid. Greg Jackson in Ludwig’s corner.

Round 1:

The fight begins with both fighters circling in the middle. Daley throws a high kick that is blocked. Low kick from Daley that misses. Crowd boos as both fighters work for position. Daley shoots in and pins Ludwig against the canvas. Ludwig stuffs it and lands an excellent knee. Daley responds with a low kick and then both fighters exchange rights. Daley attempts to setup a shot with a low kick but Ludwig stuffs it and reverses position pinning Daley against the canvas. Ludwig fires off a knee and then pins Daley against the cage again. Daley attempts a high kick but it’s missed. Ludwig fires off a high kick that is blocked. Daley misses with a huge right haymaker. Daley throws a straight to the body followed by a high kick that misses. Knees to the body by Ludwig as Daley continues to push for the takedown. Finally Daley is able to secure the trip takedown. Ludwig quickly stands back up. Daley misses with a combo and Ludwig lands a knee. Daley continuing to press forward with wild shots that miss. Straight kicks from Ludwig. Excellent low kick from Daley. Left right combo from Ludwig. High kick from Daley blocked. Good jab. Ludwig fires off a high kick that is blocked. Good straight from Daley. He follows that up with a jab. The round ends.

Round 2:

Round two starts with a frantic pace with includes excellent knees, elbows and punches. Daley lands a huge right that drops Ludwig. He pounces and lands a few rights as Ludwig is rocked on the canvas. The referee steps in and calls a halt to the fight.

Paul Daley - Winner TKO

- Bill Goldberg joins the broadcast crew live from the back. Goldberg states that the EMS is working with Baroni but everything should be alright.

- Glazer continuing to give his excellent advice saying “When getting joked, why tap?”

- Goldberg enters Baroni’s dressing room to get a few words from Baroni. Within the first 15-20 seconds of the fight Baroni blew out his groin. Baroni states that Shamrock is tough and he fought a good fight. Baroni pulls down his shorts and shows Goldberg his groin. Weird…


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