Strikeforce Drawing Viewers on NBC

Beau Dure of USA Today has a piece mostly about Strikeforce, and how they’re on a slow and steady growth path.

Two of the most important points of the article:

Strikeforce announced last week that its Oct. 18 Strikeforce on NBC show drew more than 1.1 million viewers. The show airs late Saturday nights and is available in roughly 80% of TV markets, says the organization’s director of communications, Mike Afromowitz.

Over a million for a tape-delayed super-late night show is very good, no doubt.  In today’s “now” world that’s great for a small organization airing fights when they do.

What Strikeforce does not have is a nasty rivalry with UFC president Dana White, who danced on EliteXC’s grave last week and jabs away at pay-per-view rival Affliction. White says Strikeforce, a slowly expanding California promoter that is building on experience in kickboxing and other martial arts, runs a great business.

Make nice with Dana White and Zuffa, and the UFC won’t squash you.


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