Strikebox Rules Nixed by Quebec Commission

Stephane Patry (right) poses with Steve Bosse and his trainer. Photo courtesy of TKO Championship Fighting.

Former TKO Championship Fighting figurehead Stephane Patry’s newest creation faces an uncertain future after the combat sports division of the Quebec gaming commission announced that it would not permit Patry to hold an event with modified rules in the future.

The decision comes days after Strikebox’s inaugural event abruptly ended due to a riot by fans after James Thompson reportedly broke a gentleman’s agreement to keep all of last Saturday night’s fights standing when he took down part-time hockey enforcer Steve Bosse just seconds into their main event bout:

The vision of longtime TKO promoter Stephan Patry, Strikebox proposed to utilize all aspects of MMA’s standup game, but none of the ground aspect. However, the fledging promotion’s guidelines were not approved by the Quebec Boxing Commission come fight night, and the regulatory body said it would not entertain the new rules in the future.

“If [Patry] organizes another Strikebox event, it won’t be under Strikebox rules, but it will be under MMA rules,” said Réjean Thériault, director of communications for the combat sports division of the Régie des Alcools, des Courses et des Jeux (alcohol and gaming division) of Quebec.

The article also goes on to quote referee Yves Lavigne as saying he was told by the commission that he would have to oversee each bout under the unified rules of mixed martial arts, which is probably what the event should have been advertised as from the start. Attempting to create a kickboxing promotion where the fighters only wear 4 oxgloves is only going to create a bad situation.

I don’t know what happened between Patry and TKO, and frankly, I don’t think the story will come out anytime soon. XMMA is obviously the big dog in Quebec MMA these days, but Patry was able to put together many great events under the TKO banner and could easily still do so with Titans Fighting. A little competition wouldn’t hurt, especially with the rabid MMA fan base in Quebec.


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