Steve Bosse: Riding a Wave of Confidence

To even some of the “hardcore” MMA fans, Steve Bosse is nothing more than a young heavyweight that has potential. However to the citizens of Quebec and fans of the LNAH, widely known as the world’s toughest hockey league to play in, Bosse is much more.

Unlike the rest of his fellow hockey brethren that have competed in MMA, Bosse has parlayed mixed martial arts into something that just might become bigger than his career on the ice. Bosse has spent a total of 3:22 minutes in the cage, scoring two straight impressive stoppage victories. Now just 12 months into his professional MMA career, Bosse finds himself headlining his first event and already in line for a possible title shot at some point next year.

Bosse is on an amazing run, both on the ice and on the canvas. But where did it all start?

In order to find the answer we have to go back to November 3rd of last year when Bosse took on Jon “Nasty” Mirasty in one of the most exciting fights in LNAH history. Mirasty was generally known as the best scrapper in the league at the time. Bosse? He was tough but always seemed to lose when it came to taking on the elite fighters that the league had to offer. That all changed when Bosse landed a flurry of right hands that sent Mirasty down for the count.

Since that date, Bosse has been regarded as the “heavyweight champ” of the LNAH, continuing to win his fights in spectacular fashion. His success has translated over to MMA where he has also dominated those that have stood in front of him. Will that success continue tonight?

Icho Larenas is by far Bosse’s toughest test to date. The UFC veteran is also TKO’s former heavyweight champion and will no doubt want to get back into the title picture with a win over Bosse.

Both fighters share similar styles and size. Larenas holds the edge in experience but the momentum is clearly in Bosse’s favor. The key to this fight is obviously who will be able to impose their will on the other. Bosse needs to put on a mistake-free fight in my opinion. Larenas certainly has the ability to capitalize on any errors that an inexperienced Bosse may make.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens later tonight. Want my pick? Visit later tonight where I’ll make some predictions before the start of our live blog.


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