Steve Bossé Impresses at TKO 30

LNAH heavyweight Steve “The Boss” Bossé made his second appearance in TKO this past weekend dismantling last minute replacement Jody Burke. Watching the video it’s evident that Bossé is a huge draw in Quebec and with the proper marketing, training and management, Bossé has the potential to become a legit star and force in the MMA world.

Bossé made his MMA debut in June at TKO 29: Repercussion where he finished David Fraser (0-3) with strikes partway through the first round of their heavyweight affair. The TKO heavyweight doesn’t limit his fighting to just the cage, over the past two seasons in the LNAH, Bossé has amassed a total of 67 fighting majors. Regarded as one of the top heavyweights in the LNAH, Bossé has fought and defeated the likes of Jon Mirasty, Jacques Dube, Dean Mayrand, Sean McMorrow, and Brad Wingfield.

TKO is currently doing everything right with the budding superstar and in a recent interview with The Fight Network he said, “I do a good job, I trained very hard and that’s a good result. I won by KO but I want to be a better fighter next time to give a good show to my fans. Yeah my fans love me. I’m a good guy and a good fighter but I want to fight a better guy next time.”

As I reported earlier, Bossé will only appear in 20 LNAH games this season so he can have sufficient time to focus on his MMA training. In preparation for his bout at TKO 30, Bossé spent a month in Phuket, Thailand working on his Muay Thai and mixed martial arts skills with his trainer Stephane Dube.

TKO Championship Fighting will return December 15th, 2007 when it presents TKO 31 at The Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec. No announcement has been made in regards to Bossé‘s next MMA fight.


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