Starnes Claims Broken Foot Against Quarry

Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

The Kalib Starnes saga continues…

Less than 24 hours after conflicting reports concerning his departure from the UFC came to light, Starnes informed The Fight Network that despite Dana White’s claims that he was cut from the remainder of his contract after his performance against Nate Quarry this past weekend, he indeed asked for his release on Monday.

“Joe Silva told me that it usually takes a couple of days for their legal department to complete the paperwork and that he would send me all of the paperwork to indicate that my contract has been dissolved,” Starnes said in the report. “Later on in the afternoon, after I had spoken to Joe, a story was released by some reporter from Yahoo! in which Dana White said that he had released me from my contract. I received no documentation on that, and it came after I asked to be released.”

As if Starnes’ claims of White being “inappropriate” weren’t enough to deal with, the British Columbia native has had hundreds of mixed martial arts fans criticizing him for his lack of aggression against Quarry. Starnes claims that the cause of him constantly backing away from his opponent was due to a broke foot suffered in the first round.

“Right now, I have a broken foot that I sustained with the first kick I threw in the fight,” Starnes said. “My leg is purple and black from my knee up, I have a black eye, a sprained jaw, and Dana White is questioning my desire to fight? If that isn’t enough to satisfy him and the crowd, I can show them the medical report. I can barely walk. Quarry totally destroyed my thigh with those kicks. I’m sure a lot of people would rather see me suffer a traumatic brain injury and be rendered unconscious. That’s too bad. If that’s what they want, they’re paying the wrong guy $10,000 to get his brain smashed in.”

My question: If the broken foot was that much of a problem, why didn’t Starnes inform the referee in between rounds? After all, he’s not getting paid $10,000 to potentially ruin the rest of his career by becoming injured…


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