St. Pierre Responds to Greasing Allegiations

Georges St. Pierre. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

For the first time since this greasing scandal started up following hjs win over B.J. Penn this past Saturday, Georges St. Pierre has come forward and given his take on the whole situation, claiming that he didn’t cheat:

“Listen, I never cheated in my life,” an animated St. Pierre told Sherdog Radio Network’s “Beatdown” show on Wednesday. “Let me tell you something, I never said something bad to B.J. Penn. I never answered back to him with what he said. I’ve always been respectful. Even after the fight I went and told him, ‘Hey, keep your head up. You can be proud. You’re a tough guy. You stayed in the ring for a long time.’ But now that he says something like that it bothers me a lot. He already said I was taking steroids, that I was a quitter, that he was blaming me for seeing a sports psychologist and now he says that I cheat because I use Vaseline.”

“It’s disrespectful, but B.J. is a winner. I understand a winner’s mentality. A winner’s mentality always tries to understand the reason why he lost. In B.J.’s case, he doesn’t do it in a good way. I understand that he tries to understand why he lost, but what he should’ve done instead of looking at things he doesn’t control he should’ve looked at himself in the mirror and asked himself what he should’ve done better to be more well-prepared for that fight to be able to beat Georges St. Pierre instead of looking at me and try to find excuses… B.J. right now is doing it all wrong and he’s not going to become a better fighter if he keeps acting like this.”

St. Pierre also goes on to say that Phil Nurse put Vaseline on his face, but on his back because the hand he used to rub his back was dry. He also comments on a rematch with Penn and what Matt Hughes is saying about him. It’s a pretty good interview on Sherdog if you get a chance to listen.


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