St. Pierre Recovering Well

In a recent interview with, UFC welterweight #1 contender Georges St. Pierre spoke about his injury suffered while training for Matt Hughes and how his recovery is going. Also Georges gave his thoughts on the upcoming fight between Matt Hughes and B.J. Penn. St. Pierre will be fighting the winner Decemeber 30th.

What was the story with your injury?
I pulled my groin ligament, but I’ll go to NY next week. I was wrestling and a guy grabbed my single-leg, it happened a month ago; I thought it was not a big deal, but then it got worse. What I did is I went to Las Vegas, I saw Dana White’s doctor, and he said that I wasn’t gonna be able to fight. So they’re gonna give the fight to BJ Penn on September 23rd, and I’m gonna fight the winner on December 30th. I’m gonna have a bad Christmas but a good New Year’s Eve.

Who do you believe you’ll fight in December?

I think it’s 50-50. I think if the fights ends in the first or second round it’s because BJ is gonna win, because I think BJ has got more skill, is more well-rounded than Matt Hughes, but Matt Hughes has got a bigger heart. He’s got better stamina and bigger heart. BJ is a quick starter, but when things don’t go well for him, he gives up – look at his fight against Jens Pulver. Honestly, I hope Matt Hughes wins this match, because I have already beaten BJ and I want my rematch against Hughes – my only loss was against him.


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