Some Thoughts on UFC 61

When was the last time that we had a UFC event that left fans satisfied? I can’t remember myself. While Bitter Rivals was a bit disappointing to say the least, it did give us a clearer picture as to where certain divisions stand if anything. The rumored card for UFC 62 is looking sick so hopefully the next event will improve upon this one.

It was nice to see Drew Fickett win again. I’d like to see a rematch between him and Josh Burkman but it probably won’t happen unless the two continue to climb up the welterweight ladder. I was surprised that Joe Jordan hung in there as long as he did with Hermes Franca. It’s been one hell of a year for Franca - multiple championships in other promotions and a victorious return to the UFC.

Cheick Kongo looked like a monster out there - hopefully he will become a force at heavyweight. An interesting matchup would be him and Brandon Vera, but this will only happen if Vera decides not to go down to 205 like he originally planned.

Hey Frank - What the hell? I’m guessing that Mir either stopping taking Vitamin S or didn’t train at all because he looked like complete shit to put it lightly. He was gassed within the first three minutes of the first round, very unlike the Mir of old.

While the first two rounds of Tim Sylvia-Andrei Arlovski were pretty entertaining in my opinion, the rest of the fight was lackluster with the exception of a few bombs thrown here and there. It was very surprising to me that Sylvia was able to counter Arlovski’s attack so easily. It was weird to watch Arlovski not explosively dominate his opponent and end the fight in the first round. Sylvia and Jeff Monson are pretty much a lock for Sylvia’s next defense.

Both Mir and Arlovski have one fight left on their contracts from what I know. It will be interesting to see who they will both fight next. Could it possibly be each other in an unofficial elimination bout of sorts? Because of Mir apparently not caring anymore, I doubt the UFC wants to get him anywhere near a possible title shot. A rematch of Arlovski-Paul Buentello would get a pretty good draw. Maybe Chieck Kongo can be tagged to send Mir packing.

The Nevada State Athletic Commisson should be thankful that Marc Ratner still isn’t there to slay them after last night’s performance by the referees. I think that it’s time to bring in a couple new ones because Herb Dean and the crew are starting to look like they don’t have it anymore. That cut on Yves Edwards’ head was very bad - I’ve seen cuts that weren’t even half as bad in which fights were stopped early. It’s amazing that Big John let the blood just pour out of his head for that long.

As for Tito Ortiz-Ken Shamrock being stopped so early, I think it was the right decision. After five unanswered elbows, Shamrock wasn’t responding. Even from the video it looked as if he might have been out. Either way, Ortiz would have gone on to decisively win the fight. Shamrock really needs to stop fighting and go back into training fighters.

If you are looking for my thoughts on the Liddell-Silva annoucement, you won’t find them - I’m still speechless…



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