Slowing Down the Brock Lesnar Bandwagon

Brock Lesnar works some ground and pound on Min Soo Kim at K-1 Dynamite!! USA in June 2007. Photo courtesy of FEG.

I really think too many people are getting hyped up on the fact that it’s Brock Lesnar stepping into the UFC and nothing else. Basically this fight is a former standout college wrestler who has one fight to his credit (no amateur MMA experience at all) against a former UFC heavyweight champion in Frank Mir.

Who cares about the fact that he’s a former WWE superstar. It matters not in this fight.

We’ve all seen what happens when a wrestler with barely any mixed martial arts experience steps in and tries to throw down with the big boys. (Josh Koscheck in season one of TUF) He looks good until he goes up against a well-rounded fighter. It takes time to learn the skills needed to succeed and it’s basically a gamble at this point in guessing if Lesnar has progressed enough or not.

I wasn’t impressed with Lesnar’s performance against Kim at all. It was a nothing fight against an opponent selected to feed to Lesnar after Hong Man Choi was unable to compete. In fact after watching him against Fedor, I wouldn’t be surprised if Choi would have been a serious threat to Lesnar during that fight.

It doesn’t matter that Lesnar is huge at heavyweight. It doesn’t matter that he’s a powerhouse wrestler. He’s an above-average athlete who is relatively new to the game and he’s going up against one of the best grapplers in the world at his weight.

Sure this isn’t the same Mir of old. He hasn’t been the same since the motorcycle accident, we all know that. Did he come back too early from it? Who knows. The fact that he’s even fighting at all is remarkable within itself. It’s been a slow and painful comeback but the Antoni Hardonk fight shows us that Mir still has something left.

I’m pretty confident that Mir is going to win this fight. Unless Lesnar has tripled his skills since he fought last June, he is going to make a fool of himself out there. Mir’s stand-up has always been average at best. However Luke Thomas makes a great point in criticizing Lesnar’s footwork. Based on this, Mir could look like a dangerous striker out there a la his second bout against Wes Sims.

The only concern I have with Mir is his gas tank. He says that he’s been working on his stamina for a while now so hopefully that’ll help him in this one. Either way, this one will not go the distance. Mir will most likely submit Lesnar within the first two rounds.

I don’t buy the claim that Lesnar is just going to over-power Mir and pound him out on the ground. Mir is a good enough grappler to be able to defend himself against a bigger opponent and I think he’ll defend himself well in this fight.

If Mir gets destroyed, I’ll gladly eat crow. However I don’t think anyone can blame me for using simple logic at this point in doubting Lesnar.


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