Slice, Arlovski Top “Heat” Salaries

Andrei Arlovski. Photo by Tom Casino, EliteXC/CBS.

The Florida State Boxing Commission today announced the official list of fighter salaries stemming from this past weekend’s EliteXC: “Heat” event, which saw former UFC fighter Seth Petruzelli step in as a late injury replacement for Ken Shamrock and stop popular heavyweight prospect Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson with strikes in just 14 seconds.

In terms of the fighter salaries, remember that this is only the base salary that a fighter received. Bonuses, deductions, and other undisclosed fees are not included. The salaries of both Slice and Petruzelli were reportedly re-negotiated before the two agreed to meet each other prior to Saturday night’s show.

The full list of salaries:

Seth Petruzelli ($50,000) def. Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson ($500,000)
Jake Shields ($50,000) def. Paul “Semtex” Daley ($12,000)
Andrei Arlovski ($500,000) def. Roy Nelson ($80,000)
Gina Carano ($25,000) def. Kelly Kobold ($6,000)
Benji Radach ($30,000) def. Murilo “Ninja” Rua ($35,000)
Cris Cyborg ($8,000) def. Yoko Takahashi ($2,000)
Conor Heun ($5,000) def. Edson Berto ($5,000)
Mikey Gomez ($4,000) def. Lorenzo Borgomeo ($1,500)
Bryan Hamade ($1,000) def. David Gomez ($1,000)
Nicolae Cury ($1,500) def. Jorge Bouchat ($1,000)


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