Singer to Fight Haynes

‘The Ultimate Fighter’ veterans Rory Singer and Josh Haynes will meet up in the octagon October 10, 2006 when the UFC presents UFC Fight Night on Spike TV.

ADCC: You will be fighting a previous house mate from the Ultimate Fighter season three, Josh Haynes, on October 10th, 2006 in Florida . In a previous interview with us you said that you got along well with him and still talk to him quite a bit. Will it be hard to fight him?
RORY: Josh and I actually spoke about us being offered a fight against one another. We decided business was business and we could put our friendship aside for fifteen minutes if need be. I just spoke with Josh a few weeks ago. We spoke about how our training was going, how our families were doing and other stuff friends talk about. Neither one of us was completely happy with having to fight each other but realized that this is a job and sometimes these things can’t be avoided. We will be friends before the fight and after the fight. For a possible 15 minutes I promise we will try to beat the fuck out of one another.


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