Silva-GSP Megafight Possible for Late 2011

Georges St. Pierre. Photo courtesy of Under Armour.

The topic of a dream fight between longtime UFC champions Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre has long been discussed and debated by fans of the sport. UFC President Dana White, intially against the idea, has softened his stance in recent years, but never before has the fight been targeted by the organization, until now.

As first reported by, White informed those in attendance at Friday's Q&A session with troops stationed at Fort Hood, TX that wins by both Silva and St. Pierre in their upcoming fights could result in the two being matched up against each other later this year.

"After he wins that fight, then Georges St. Pierre needs to beat Jake Shields in Toronto and if that happens, then we're probably going to do that fight," White said. "So if they both win, that fight makes all the sense in the world."

White also stated that if the matchup were to come to fruition, St. Pierre would likely remain in the middleweight division and relinquish his welterweight title.

"St. Pierre also said that he would move up to 185 lbs and that he would stay there," said White. "So he would stay at that weight class, he wouldn't go back down to 170 lbs."

Against Vitor Belfort on February 5 at UFC 126, Silva will try to make his eighth straight successful UFC title defense, a record that would eclipse the number of seven that Silva currently shares with former welterweight king Matt Hughes.

Meanwhile, St. Pierre will face a stern test at UFC 129 on April 30 against Jake Shields, who sports world-renowned grappling skills that will put St. Pierre's usual strategy of top control via wrestling to the test.

As far as a potential date for the showdown between the two, the UFC's return to Brazil could be option. "UFC Rio" is set for August, the same month in which Silva has competed two years running.


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