Silva: “Franklin Isn’t Training With Me”

Anderson Silva and Rich Franklin. Image property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Reports circulated earlier this week that former UFC middleweight champion Rich Franklin would be using the services of an old rival, reigning pound-for-pound king Anderson Silva, in preparation for his upcoming catch-weight bout against Wanderlei Silva in June.

Franklin’s camp declined to confirm the news, which would have only escalated a growing feud between Anderson and Wanderlei, former training partners that now seem to be a collision course to face each other in the future. However, according to Silva, Franklin hasn’t even contacted him about training together:

He didn’t said any word to me about it, but he’s gonna face a Brazilian, so it’s hard that something will happen. I don’t have anything against Franklin [or] Wanderlei, both are great fighters. In another situation, I’d train with him, for sure. My gym is open for everyone. Whoever goes there can have classes and I won’t have any problems if he decides to go there.

I had to clean up the quote a little bit so it would make sense. I’m not sure how to take this. Tatame is a great site for news related to Brazilian fighters, but quotes are often skewed during the translation from Portugese to Englsih and so forth.

If Franklin and Silva really are training together, they could be keeping things quiet so the repercussions of Anderson helping another fighter get ready to face another Brazilian, and a former teammate at that, are relatively minimal. Franklin’s camp also using Anderson and Wand’s shaky relationship these days as mind games could also be a possibility as well.


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