Silva Admits Interest in Move to Middleweight

Wanderlei Silva. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

After months of speculation regarding a potential move to middleweight for former longtime PRIDE standout Wanderlei Silva, the Brazilian has finally revealed that he intends to drop down to 185 lbs after a possible rematch with Chuck Liddell later this year:

“It’s my normal weight,” Silva says of the light heavyweight class. “I never cut down too much weight for a fight. Maybe I go to fight one more time at light heavyweight, and after I go down.”

While a move down to middleweight might not work out for Silva after all, it does seem pretty practical at this point. The UFC’s 185 lb. weight class features far fewer fighters with knockout power and a shorter route to a title shot compared to the light heavyweight division. While Silva’s popularity and exciting style won’t likely see him being released from the UFC anytime soon, continued losses, especially by knockout, aren’t going help his cause.


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