ShoXC: Suganuma vs. Hamman II Live Results

Jared Hamman and Poai Suganuma. Photo by Tom Casino/EliteXC.

We will be going live at 11:00 PM ET tonight with live results of the latest edition of ShoXC: Elite Challenger Series, which will take place at the Table Mountain Casino in Friant, California. The show’s televised main card will air on Showtime starting at 11 PM ET.

A rematch between light heavyweight prospects Poai Suganuma and Jared Hamman will serve as the night’s main event. The first bout between the two in April ended in controversy after Suganuma knocked Hamman down with a flying knee just fifteen seconds into their fight despite an immediate protest from Hamman. Additional main card bouts include Cyrille Diabate vs. Jaime Fletcher and Fabricio Camoes vs. Sammy Morgan.

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Keith Berry vs. Ray Lizama

Round 1: Berry starts the round by trying some knees in the clinch. Lizama paws away with the jab and eventually lands a straight left that stuns Berry. Berry regains his composure and lands a slew of knees in the clinch. They separate and Berry lands a right hand that drops Lizama. Berry pounces on Lizama and takes his back. Berry works for a rear naked choke and locks it in temporarily before letting it go and opting to often Lizama with punches. Berry sinks in another choke from behind but Lizama gets out of it. They scramble and stand back up. The two exchange wildly on the feet until the round ends. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 Berry.

Round 2: They exchange early. Berry flurries on Lizama up exchange the cage, much to the delight of the crowd. Lizama survives and lands a nice body shot. Lizama with a straight left and more jabs. Lizama backs Berry up against the cage and starts to tee off. He rocks Berry with a number of punches but Berry won’t go down. Berry survives and comes back with a flurry on Lizama. Lizama with another body shot. Lizama continues to bomb away and puts Berry to a knee with a body shot. He follows up with another and punches away until referee Jason Herzog steps in and waves off the bout at the 2:15 mark. Incredible fight.

Winner: Ray Lizama - TKO (Strikes)

Debi Purcell vs. Rosi Sexton

Round 1: They trade early. Sexton clinches and throws a couple of knees. Sexton drops down for a takedown but Purcell stuffs it. They stand back up and clinch again. Sexton throws some knees and tries some dirty boxing. Not much offense between the two but Sexton is clearly the more aggressive fighter. Purcell lands some punches in tight. Sexton throws a flurry of knees and an uppercut just before the round’s end. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 Sexton.

Round 2: Sexton catches a Purcell kick and backs her up to the fencing. They separate and Purcell lands a hard leg kick. Sexton connects with a right hand. They clinch and Sexton takes Purcell down up against the cage. Sexton lands some standing punches before diving into Purcell’s guard. Sexton postures up and throws more punches. Purcell pushes Sexton off of her and they stand. They exchange jabs. Sexton tries a superman punch but Purcell tags her with a leg kick. Purcell trips Sexton to the canvas. Purcell dives down for a right hand and just misses before the end of the round. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-10.

Round 3: Purcell lands a spinning back fist to start the round. Purcell lands two quick rights as Sexton tries another superman punch. Purcell tries another spinning back first and misses completely. Purcell takes Sexton down but Sexton reverses position. Amazingly, Sexton does a cartwheel in an attempt to pass Purcell’s guard. Purcell locks in a triangle but Sexton gets out. Purcell gets ahold of Sexton’s leg and tries for a leg lock until time runs out. Very close fight. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 Sexton and the fight 30-28 for Sexton. The judges’ scorecards read 30-27 and 30-27 Sexton, and 29-28 Purcell.

Winner: Rosie Sexton - Split Decision

Cyrille Diabate vs. Jaime Fletcher

Round 1: Fletcher lands some leg kicks early. They clinch against the cage and Fletcher works for a takedown. He’s unable to get it and they separate. Diabate goes for a flying knee and then follows up with a left hand. Fletcher tries for another takedown and Diabate stuffs it. Fletcher locks in a guillotine but eventually lets go. Diabate lands a hard knee and backs Fletcher up. Diabate lands a body kick. Diabate with a leg kick and Fletcher is running away. Diabate with two body kicks. Fletcher rushes in for a takedown and slams Diabate to the mat. Fletcher drops back for a heel hook but time runs out. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 Diabate.

Round 2: Fletcher goes for a superman punch and Diabate inadvertenly knees him in the groin at the start of the round. Fletcher again slams Diabate down to the mat. Diabate maintains a tight guard while Fletcher doesn’t mount much offense. A scrambles sees Fletcher locks in a guillotine but Diabate gets out and lands in side control. Diabate takes Fletcher’s back from the side and starts landing strikes. Fletcher gets up but Diabate quickly takes him back down. Diabate moves to side control and works the body. Diabate pounds away from side control and Fletcher gives up his back. Diabate tees off with elbows until the end of the round. Fletcher is bleeding badly. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 Diabate.

Round 3: Diabate lands an inside elbow against the cage. Fletcher responds with a right but it doesn’t affect Diabate. They clinch and Fletcher locks in a guillotine. They stand for a bit before Fletcher drops down, still holding the choke. Diabate eventually gets out of it and elbows away in Fletcher’s guard. Blood is all over the mat while Diabate pounds away with unanswered blows. Diabate continues to blast a defenseless Fletcher with strikes until the end. MMA on Tap scores the round 10-9 Diabate and the fight 30-27 Diabate. The judges agree.

Winner: Cyrille Diabate - Unanimous Decision

Fabricio Camoes vs. Sammy Morgan

Round 1: Morgan lands some leg kicks to start things off. Morgan throws a right hand and Camoes shoots in for a takedown. Morgan stuffs it for a moment but Camoes slams him to the canvas and lands in mount. Camoes quickly locks in a rear naked choke. Morgan tries to fight it but is forced to tap out only 0:47 into the first round. Another impressive showing for Camoes.

Winner: Fabricio Camoes - Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

Jared Hamman vs. Poai Suganuma

Round 1: Suganuma catches Hamman with an overhand right and takes him down, ending up in side control. Hamman escapes and they stand. Hamman hits a judo throw and puts Suganuma on his back. Hamman jumps in to sink his hooks but Suganuma shakes him off and gets on top of Hamman. Suganuma lands some punches before Hamman pulls guard. Suganuma with elbows. They stand. Hamman staggers Suganuma with a right and knocks him down with a combination. Suganuma tries to stand but Hamman hammers him down with a flurry of punches. Hamman pounds away until the referee steps in and stops the bout at the 2:34 mark, giving Hamman revenge.

Winner: Jared Hamman - TKO (Strikes)


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