ShoXC Scores Highest Rating Ever

Keith Berry vs. Ray Lizama. Photo by Tom Casino/EliteXC.

The August 15 edition of ShoXC: Elite Challenger Series, which saw Jared Hamman dramatically avenge his prior loss to Poai Suganuma by stopping him in the first round, scored it’s highest rating to date according to the print edition of Dave Meltzer‘s Wrestling Observer:

The 8/15 ShoXC card did a 0.66 rating on Showtime and 175,000 viewers. That’s the best rating in the history of ShoXC and that’s a successful number for a show with no names and no promotional effort put into it.

Meltzer is right in terms of the promotional effort. In the weeks leading up to the event, I don’t remember seeing any commercials at all on Showtime. The next show on Sept. 26 should probably do even better with Wilson Reis and Bao Quach headlining, further pushing the show to ShoBox type of standards.

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